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  1. Got my first boat in January 2012. Lots of red drum and speckled trout in NC caught out of this thing. Just made a slight upgrade to handle the colder Chesapeake seasons.. By dumb luck it was 7 years to the day from buying the first one that I got the grady. I guess that's good luck This thing feels enormous compared to my 17' CC.
  2. I would think that you'd find more 19-20' center consoles available the further south you look. Even if you don't want to haul down to Florida, you might have good luck looking in the coastal carolinas.
  3. If you've got it narrowed down what you're looking for, just specific google searches can turn up boats on dealer lots that aren't advertised on the main sites as well. Craigslist cracks me up. Guys asking $45k for a boat, but can't be bothered to take 5 minutes to sweep up the leaves or beer cans in the pictures. I ruled out a ton of boats in my search just by how dirty they were in the ads.
  4. My income is generally 85% W2, and 15% side-hustle 1099. Gross was just about the same in '18 as '17. A bit less due to doing a bit less side work. I paid just shy of 50% less in federal taxes this year. Won't complain about that at all. The bigger standard and increased child tax credits were the main factors.
  5. I did mine on my trailer once. Horrible work. Got everything done except where the bunks are. My plan was to launch and retrieve off center on the trailer to paint those spots. 4 years later and the bunk area is still unpainted. Granted, I don't keep the boat in the water....I just painted for aesthetics to cover up existing bottom paint in bad shape. Boat heads to its new owner on Sunday, so I supposed I'll never get it done.
  6. Years ago when I tended bar and negronis were becoming popular, that was how Campari was first described to me. I thought it was god-awful at the time. Now I love it, and think it really does help my stomach after a big rich meal. I think the Cynar in the drunk uncle is pretty similar.
  7. Drunk Uncle looks interesting. Islay scotch, Cynar, and bianco vermouth at 2:1:1 or so. Haven't tried one, but I've been drinking boulevardiers with higher end bourbon and it's delicious, and whisky snobs be d*mned. Those italian bitter digestifs are great in a post dinner cocktail when you inevitably overeat. Start with the cocktail, than just drink it neat in the same glass after that.
  8. Party one worked out great. Ended up getting my whole tenderloin from Wegman's (at a very reasonable $11.99/lb for choice) as there's no Costco nearby. Trimmed/tied, sous vide at 137 with a pre-sear and post-sear. Also did two chickens deboned and rolled with mushrooms/spinach/Gruyere, which were roasted over carrots. This was probably the 9th and 10th chicken I've deboned for gallotine. Still takes me 4-6x as long as Jacques Pepin, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Had both a Gorgonzola cream sauce along with brown sauce made from the sous vide bag drippings, some port wine, and a demi glace I made earlier in the week with beef bones. Most people mixed it up and put the gorganzola on the chicken and demi on the beef, but whatever...both tasted good with either. I was a cocktail or three in by the time everything was on the table and didn't take any pictures. c'est la vie. Trial run of the Gorgonzola sauce the week earlier was fantastic. During the party, I started the cream too late so it hadn't reduced a much as I wanted, so I just dumped some before melting the cheese. And I forgot to bring the parsley.
  9. Bill Burr, Chris Porter, John Mulaney, Louis CK, Tom Segura, Jim Jefferies, Anthony Jeselnik, Trevor Noah (the S. African kid).... All funny modern comedians. The comedians back in the day were more well known because you old farts had like 6 total options of entertainment, versus the tons of outlets and content providers these days. I could be wrong though; people who gripe and moan all day about politics seem like a knee-slapping , good-humored bunch, so maybe your opinions that comedy is dead are more astute than mine.
  10. Two Fat Ladies on BBC was always entertaining as well, more for the banter than the food.
  11. I like Simply Ming on PBS. Him and a guest chef each prepare the same main ingredient. No 3 judge panels, no tattoos and ear gauged young chefs "proving they belong", no fondant covered cake monstrosities like Food network has become. Just chefs talking techniques and making good food.
  12. Pretty sure everyone hates the Pats because they keep getting caught cheating, their QB wears Uggs and fedoras in public, and they're in a bag-of-sh*t division that keeps playing musical chairs with idiots like Rex Ryan, Adam Gase and Todd Bowles, essentially spotting NE 5-6 wins, a bye and homefield virtually every season. Or who knows....maybe it's just respect.
  13. Division rivals in both the championship games would be awesome. KC/SD and PHI/DAL. Although, it wouldn't surprise me if all 4 of those teams are eliminated by Monday.
  14. I love Ina Garten's recipes, and that gorgonzola sauce looks great. It would probably work well with the chicken too (which will have a mushroom/spinach stuffing). I was going to do a peppercorn cognac sauce a la steak au poivre, but just might change it up. This is for a 40th bday so cost-be-d*mned, but in the case of the filet roast, I won't spend more $ foolishly if the end product will be about the same. The Wegman's near me sells those dry aged prime strip steaks around $25/lb, so party #2 I'll spring for those, along with some u-12 scallops, and a bunch of nice bourbons. I've actually never set foot in a Costco. Have to borrow the in-laws card and go scouting this weekend.
  15. Sounds like Costco is the winner.