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  1. I tend to cast further with baitcaster and conventional reels with 3/4oz or more in the surf. Around 1/2oz with sea breeze spinning is better for me. I use larger 6000 or 400 size conventional; smaller 100-300 size baitcasters should do better with lighter weights. Picture of family fishing on the Gulf Coast.
  2. Can't compare, I ordered the Daiwa Lexa TW 400 online. There were no Lexa TW or Tatula 300 models in my area to look at. Compared to ABU 6000 series reels, I like it better for surf fishing. Appears to be well made and even though it has a faster retrieve, it seems more powerful than an ABU 6600. ABU's survive salt & sand exposure, need more time with the Lexa to compare.
  3. I did some fishing and soccer field comparisons with the Daiwa Lexa TW 400 and an Abu C4 6600 level-wind with most of the mods: Daiwa Lexa TW 400 spooled with 20lb braid (I don't know how much, a lot, wanted to see if it would work) and the ABU 6600 C4 with 25lb braid (the lightest I can safely cast). The Daiwa seemed to cast 15-30yds further on different rods throwing 2oz. Daiwa 8:1 retrieve is quicker & easier than a power handle ABU 6.3:1, can easily surf stuff over rocks and sand bars. The Daiwa ergonomics are great. The T-Wing System is like not having a level-wind. Not saying the Daiwa is better, but definitely an option.
  4. Got a Daiwa Lexa TW 400 today, so small & smooth. It feels and looks great compared to ABU 6000 varients. A power-handle ABU 6000 weighs about the same as the Lexa TW. I've fished ABU conventionals for a few decades on the gulf, with and without levelwind. All of mine have bearing, mag, and other upgrades. I'm excited to surfcast the Lexa TW tomorrow on a 13' LDX and maybe an 11' Cabelas Predator 2 1/4lb using pendulum and overhead casts. I ordered both the Lexa HD and TW to compare. The TW version is smaller/lighter, free-spools much better, and has the T-Wing system that sparked my interest. Anyone else surfcast a Lexa TW model? This is my first post, been following this forum for years. My next move is to update rods.