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  1. Found a video for these on YouTube. Meant to imitate herring.
  2. First attempt at one of these Tabory Snake flies
  3. This is still available. Dropping price to $40
  4. I've fished the 9wt for a few months. How's your handle holding up? I've got some holes in mine already. Kind of a bummer for such a pricey rod.
  5. Deal. Can you send me a message with address, etc.?
  6. Still is still available
  7. Used only a handful of times. Needed a heavier line. It's cleaned and ready to ship. $45 shipped to continental US.
  8. I've got what you're looking for
  9. Went extra flashy on this one. 5.5" Ahrex SA270 #2/0 Head is ripple ice fiber in a dubbing loop and the body has a bunch of angel hair mixed in I should've maybe gone with a bigger hook for such a big fly? How do you guys decide what hook size to use? Any good rule of thumb?
  10. Rounding it out with a few tan/white Surf Candies. One is ~2" and the others about 3" on Ahrex SA280 #1
  11. That sounds right. The reel fits on both Redington Path and Scott Sector but it's definitely more snug than my Litespeed M reel.
  12. Just looking at the price, I think a $250 Danielsson reel is equivalent to a much more expensive USA-made reel.
  13. I ran the fibers through my wife's hair straightener and it worked OK. There's a fine line between melting and straightening