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  1. That wouldn't be legal in these parts. Circle hooks are required for striped bass fishing with bait. Not sure about where you are from but that has become pretty common everywhere.
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  3. This year has been the first I have tried night fishing with plugs for striped bass. The first night out I caught three of my best fish of the year and have been addicted ever since. I have several spots along the Southern Maine coast that are in rocky areas on the shoreline. Recently I have tried to try out the beaches to see if I could have similar success. I haven't quite figured it out yet. I live in an area with extremely flat beaches that don't have the "sandbar" type of build that many of the beaches south of Maine do. It is a long gradual sloping beach so it does not get deep very quickly. All of the research I have done recommends certain methods for targeting fish on sandbars and troughs, and I am wondering what tips might be out there for a more flat beach with active surf conditions. Any ideas?