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  1. Just to be clear, you're saying that 90% of plug business owners don't know their operating costs, aka if they're turning a profit or loss? Or are you just saying that recreational anglers are spending thousands of dollars on... hooks and silicone, without realizing it?
  2. I'd pitch in some pocket change to see a side-by-side trial.
  3. Yeti makes an excellent one, as does Patagonia. Both are pricey but fully submersible. Ortlieb makes something a bit less expensive, but it isn't submersible, only waterproof from rain and splash. Would stay far away from Simms bags, I've had nothing but bad experiences with them and their service department.
  4. Interesting. I have found that the quality of my results with sealing is strongly correlated with how well I prep the jacket. I give the item a good wash, clean off any existing residue, prep the area with 70% IPA, and give the sealant 2x to set before manipulating the fabric. You can also use a roll of seam tape to help secure everything together and protect the sealant. When done this way, I have found my repairs last >5 years with very heavy use.
  5. Curious why you decided to use this instead of a dedicated seam sealing product? May be a bit more expensive, but I'd be worried that something not intended for GoreTex would cause delimitation / breakdown of the fabric.
  6. I personally avoid using a glove of any kind and stick to adhesive solutions. Many here use hockey tape, I personally use Kinesiology tape. You can get a decade supply of tape for about what you'd pay for a pair of gloves that lasts you one season.
  7. The crazy part is, if we assume for a moment that this thing does somehow hook fish no other plastic can, do you really want to handicap yourself into having to throw a $50 plug just to go out and have an enjoyable day of fishing? I'd rather just learn how to catch without the needs for aids.
  8. Just purchased a Mustang Hydrostatic inflatable. Very comfortable and light. Haven’t had a chance to test it yet but they claim the auto inflate will only activate under 4” of water.
  9. This was about the price I was given recently for a single guide.
  10. I use a VR150 and a Saragossa 6k on mine and feel they match well.
  11. You're going to have to give a bit more info than that...
  12. Echoing the above, the Deerfield definitely demands some respect. Had a very harrowing experience there earlier this year that could have very easily gone from bad to deadly (long story short, hired a guide who got us stuck out on the wrong side of the river during a release). Some great pockets to fish streamers with even with faster flow rates, and a lot of fishable waters accessible by foot from the bank. Few guides do floats which seem quite fun but haven’t tried one myself yet.
  13. Since the inception of money, people have wanted to use it as a substitute for skill earned through hard work and time. This item seems like just one more in a long long line of products pandering to this failing of humanity. Perceived value is a hell if a drug.
  14. Be careful, might jinx us. Went out to Whitecrest, sea was angry, but other than that, this was a rather uneventful storm, and that includes for fishing.
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