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  1. MSM will try and hard sell it when the price of gasoline or oil drops by $.05 a gallon. That’s a huge savings of $1.60 filling a 32 gallon pick up truck tank. Jeez, what will I do with all the extra money I save? Maybe I could get a kids meal at McDonalds. Nah, I forgot there’s tax on it too. FJB!
  2. What? You expect anything less from lazy SOB’s?
  3. I'm sure Joe has a plan to help us out get some blankets and wood then expect to start rationing fuel. He ain’t gonna do Jack! That’s a plan you can count on
  4. The rats will be crying that there are no stores in the city and will be begging for them to come back because it wasn’t all the people, just a small minority that did the looting and burning. The DA won’t do squat and the police get prosecuted if they try to stop it. It won’t be long before the city becomes another San Francisco, all the major anchor stores pull out and the place looks like a third world country.
  5. 2 speaking engagements that totaled 155 K, a far cry from over 700 K for one. That’s really fishy to me. I’m sure they both flew private jets and what not, but that’s an insane amount of money and it wreaks to high Heaven of some inside swamp mud.
  6. Only morons would believe it’s not a bribery, money laundering or pay to play. Klaus Schwab and George Soros money would be a more reasonable conclusion
  7. Not to mention he told Trump that it wasn’t worth it to go back to get 85 Billion in US military hardware. Trump said that’s when he knew Miley was an F’ing idiot. 85 Billion in our state of the art weapons. What a guy!
  8. Well as Summer is officially over, we are having a dual purpose party at our place tonight. Part two is a party that we used to called a Storm party. Here in Cape May Co. The wind is howling and the rain is coming through in fairly heavy bands, but not to fret we are setting up a few things to pick from. Nice mumbo crabs, homemade Maryland Crab Soup and homemade crab cakes. This is actually my favorite time of the year. Everything is ripe, the crabs are packed and the throngs of summer visitors have gone. It’s the annual Irish Weekend in N. Wildwood and the rain has kept many away. Never let the weather spoil a good time. Get wet and relish the best time of the year. Cheers and beers!
  9. Give the snow plow operator 20 bucks to take it out.
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