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  1. It’s like people drinking who say exactly how they feel. I find it interesting, just like a hot mic with Obama promising the Russians he'll have more “ Flexibility after the election. Far Right, no, selectors of the targeted, yes. I really don’t care who’s targeted, I want to hear the truth.
  2. Forget state run propaganda news. Lies, half truths, out of context video and audio clips and so on. Look up Candice Owens being disparaged by a member of Congress and Nadler trying to reprimand her for making disparaging remarks about a member of Congress. He totally lost his chit when Candice corrected him and made a fool of him.
  3. This douche accidentally called the children test subject’s
  4. It’s only over when they follow the science. What? How bad can it be when nobody’s getting diagnosed…. Got allergies, must be the China virus. Biden is feckless!
  5. I didn’t watch the entire video, but was this person known to police as violent? Best thing to do if the police roll up on you is remain still and keep your hands where they can see them. Police today are targets, and are human, sense fear and can make mistakes. I’m not saying its right, but put yourself in their position.
  6. Depends what area you try. Later in the season the crabs go deeper if it gets cool at night. Also look at the salinity level if you crab in brackish waters. Fishless is correct, you can catch, just not in big numbers. If you and your buddy go out and get 2 dozen you would be doing good. I crab Maryland and have done fairly well in mid September until mid October. Good Luck.
  7. There should be a midnight drop of several hundred to really put the screws to them and watch them have meltdown. When they land, tell them RUN! I’d pay good money to see the hypocrites melt down when a brown person showed up on their streets. Perhaps MSM wont be able to put a spin on the situation this tI’ve. Oh, the Humanity…..
  8. Silly as it seems, nothing will be done even if the southern boarder does deploy the NG. Biden is disrespectful of the men and women that serve our country. Hell, I bet he’d have them locked up if they do their job. Remember the Whipping? He’s the biggest **** this country ever had in the White House. MV is different in that the elites live in a different world. This country has a bifurcated standard, us vs them.
  9. An asbestos suite wont be able to save them when all is said and done. It’s too bad they cant be skinned and quartered for the criminals against mankind. They make Hitler look like a little schoolboy.
  10. All kidding aside guys, I like the ball busting and find it humorous. I come here for my news and entertainment.
  11. Amazing no reporters mention how much money was on MV, but none for a tent city like in a lot of other places. I watch the woman from MV go on about a housing crisis and thought she was an elitist fraud from the get go. 50 people, chit Ive had cook outs with more folks than that and fed them too.
  12. It just like I wrote it. 2 and 2. Thanks fellas, KB is a fine example, I have to thank him for owning up to it.
  13. Been here short time and it’s definitely premier site. There’s no comparison I’ve found so far. It’s got a bunch of good people, that for the most part are respectful and informative. I was on BB for years and watched it dwindle to nothing because of mismanagement and censorship. This site is a breath of fresh air. WTG Tim.
  14. That’s a great point, but then you have the Marxist scum from BLM buying mansions in white neighborhoods. Geez, what’s wrong with the hood? I thought that’s their safe place to escape the racist cops. You’d need a Israeli style checkpoint to keep the peaceful protestors at bay.