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  1. Is there a size or possession limit for kingfish in nj? I can’t figure it out in the regs. Thank you
  2. thank you
  3. I appreciate everyone that took time to respond to this post. thank you
  4. thank you all
  5. thank you. Whats the downside of using this reel on a smaller 7ft rod? Just balance issues
  6. forgive me, thought of another question....can i use this penn 5000 reel with different rod types (like a lighter 7ft rod for jigs)? can you use that same reel and mix and match rod type?
  7. thanks, making sure i understand, circle hooks ok for fluke or kingfish etc? no need to set hook? Also why not put it in a holder? Just curious Thanks for the help and sorry for the questions. This site is very helpful.
  8. avalon nj
  9. thanks, whats the advantage of braid over mono?
  10. thank you for this, how light of line? dumb question, is this something in which I can use the same reel mentioned above but with a smaller/lighter action rod?
  11. Thank you. Dumb question... When fishing bait with this setup (either fluke or something like kingfish etc) is this something you need to set the hook or if it works you just notice a fish is on the line? If that makes sense...
  12. Thank you- is that fluke setup you suggested good for bait or plugs or both?
  13. Thank you all- As to this question, it is a "cheaper" option. I dont have it in front of me but online says package weight is just over 1 kilogram if that makes sense.
  14. Hello, I am pretty new at saltwater fishing. I have a Andes 10ft Tournament surf rod Medium-Heavy action and Penn Fierce III 5000 reel. Can this setup be used in the back bays or jettys for fishing or this is a surf rod only. What should I be targeting in mid July? I am not picky at all, new at saltwater and hoping to catch fish. I am in the Avalon area. Any suggestions on size line to use or tactics would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  15. Hello, I am inexperienced at saltwater fishing. I have a Andes 10ft Tournament surf rod Medium-Heavy action and Penn Fierce III 5000 reel. -Is this a good setup for general surf casting (in New Jersey). I am hoping to catch Stripers, blues, kingfish, and whatever else is possible. The combo is new and has not been used so I can still return it if there is something better I should use. -Also there are some back bays/inlets with jettys in my area, could this rod also be used there for fluke/flounder? -I am under the assumption this rod is for bait casting rather then a jig? What size line should I put on for surf casting this time of year? Thanks in advance