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  1. Hey moocks. I'm always entertained by your commentary. Just clueing in to the networks and connections in this forum.
  2. Good. I hate to argue. Maybe because I'm stupid.
  3. Guess I'm too new or stupid to receive PM'S. I'll keep looking. Thanks, Mike. Got a skinny 28" on the good ol' Gibb's PP this evening. East meets West. A swirl, a pause, a twitch and BAM! Sent it home to the chagrin of the guy I asked to take the pic.
  4. I wrote the original post after having corresponded with NorCal Kat, who I was led to searching for your plugs. 15-16 mo. backlog I was told. I guess I'm pretty bad at finding stuff online! I'm CA native but spent 18 years in New England, where I got addicted to Striper surf fishing. This is only my second season hitting the sand here. I'm not in the circle or the know, so I suppose I was naive in. thinking it would be near impossible to find Fixters. I was intrigued when I encountered a guy throwing one at Pescadero. He let me check it out and I wanted one! Bucktails are my bread and butter, but I'm more and more into throwing custom plugs. I guess I was just impatient to add some wood to my arsenal as the season winds down.
  5. Did I make an unsavory remark? Unintentional if I did.
  6. Exactly what I'm doing, Mike Fixter. I'm new to this forum, so I don't have access to all realms. I just reached out to Winch on a thread. The plug above feels pretty good, and will have a place in my bag. I took time off last week and pounded the MB & SM surf for three days last week, hoping I would/could find some fish..... NADA. Got super excited when I spotted some frenzied bird action en route to Pescadero from Sunset, just past Pigeon Point. Pulled out, grabbed my rig and hustled down. Came up empty. Sigh. Switched to perch at times to keep my morale, and had some success. It's hard to give up on a surf season that has been pretty disappointing, to say the least. I live on the bay, but live for the surf, especially this summer where the algae was horrendous inside. The water is good now, and the fish are active. 10 minute walk to nighttime topwater schoolie action Tuesday. With Salmon in the mix, I've got more than enough fishing to keep me happy East of the sand! Anyway, it's always good to get input from esteemed veterans.
  7. Hey Winch! I haven't been on here long enough to message you. I'm based in Alameda, but I'm always out on the sand from Pacifica to Monterey. I'd love to get my hands on some of your plugs. How do I find you?
  8. What do you all think about this plug? I'm going to see how it swims tomorrow. Hopefully there are some stripers in my zone. Trying to beef up my plug arsenal... just can't wait months for a Fixter! Seems well-built and I like the lines. Anyone got a connection with a Bay Area craftsman? I find most stuff back East.
  9. I've really been after them this summer and it has been tough! I've worked from north of the gate down to Monterey. Got into some schoolies one lucky morning. Other than that, I got one quality fish back in May and another at night last week, both a little short of 30". Got pumped up one night on a Monterey beach when there was major bird activity within casting distance. Alas, the only thing interested in my lure were gulls and a Pelican. I'm hoping the next weeks will bring better action! I think the fish were spoiled on all the anchovies this year!
  10. All I can say is put in time. Surf Striper fishing has been slow (for me) until just recently this year. Conditions have to be right. Finding them is tough. You've got to move around and just plain get lucky. Signs of bait in the water is huge. Getting off long casts can be important, but often you'll get fish in the first trough. The last one I got smacked my spoon right at the lip, 15' from my feet. It was cool because I actually saw the strike. Nice 25" fish. Definitely reel in slowly until you're dragging sand in the shore break. Bucktails can be tricky. You've got to experiment with weights until you find the right one for the conditions where you can get it to ride just above the bottom without dragging. Definitely use trailers. I like to throw metal, especially when it's windy. It took me a while to get the feel of the retrieve in the surf to where I can feel and dial in the wobble. Again, slow but not dragging bottom. ALL THE WAY IN. My last Striper hit a 1 1/2 oz. tin with a dressed hook right in front of me. If you can hit an incoming high right around sunrise, awesome! That being said, fishing can be good at all stages of the tide. As long as the current is moving. I'm also in the Bay Area over in Alameda. I've got catching Stripers from shore around the bay down, but I'm on a mission to master getting them from the sand. I fish from Marin to Santa Cruz, my go to areas being from south of SF to HMB. You've got access to a lot of beaches a short drive away. Maybe I'll run into you one day. I wanted to ask you how you like the Lami Carbon 10'6". I've had my eye on that same model. How does it perform with lighter 3/4 to 1 oz lures?