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  1. Yes thanks I’ve heard of him just don’t know if I want to drive to Wareham or not
  2. No luck at Tomo
  3. North shore MA
  4. I hear ya I do love my GSBs , it seems like I can’t get any ODM blanks near me anyway so I’m gonna talk to my local guy I know he likes Century so maybe I’ll have a one Easter built idk
  5. That’s exactly what I was waiting to hear , I had a hunch just because of the material the blank is made out of
  6. Do you ever fish boulder fields ? Couple of my favorite spots are pretty extreme, heavy current and big boulders really need to horse the fish out of them that’s probably my biggest concern about the evo or any rod , my 1201L is pretty beat up but still strong as hell
  7. Wow those rods are that light that you can run a VR75? Could they take a Vsx 150 or 200 or would they be too heavy ? Nothing against the VR but after I destroyed one in 3 months I moved up to the X series plus I need the drag for pulling out of rocks
  8. Hi all new to the group , I’ll keep this as short as possible I currently fish GSB surf rods I’ve been surf fishing for around 30 years and been through many rods and found the GSB is the best as far as plugging , eeling , and even bucktails, for whatever reason I’ve been intrigued about ODM rods and the only one for me would be the evolution because it’s one piece moderate action so looking for feedback/reviews on the evolution pros/cons Tia