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  1. We stayed in Marco island one year and we were on a canal and it was just magical.. manatees, sheepshead, mangrove snappers, one night either a shark or dolphin feeding. I loved it there so much.
  2. We will definitely go over there too! Thank you tons for the information!
  3. Ingersol waterway
  4. So we probably won’t catch much of anything at the canal we’re on? depressing since it’s literally right in the back yard ugh
  5. It will be from dock on canal- we’ve always used live bait or dead so I know that’s why we only catch cats when we are in SF. It looks like it’s a canal near Sandia St area? I’m not familiar with the area at all.
  6. Staying at a house on canal in port Charlotte based off myakka end of next month.. we are from north GA so we are used to bass/trout. What is in the canals if anything? If so, best bait/rigs to use? we go to different spots each year in Florida and every year we end up with dang cats only. We want to catch something different .. idk that area at all please help a girl out!