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  1. just put your time in and u will find were the bigger fish are
  2. rip champ HE WAS THE GOAT!!!!
  3. nice fish way to go on the release go make some little fish
  4. fresh bunker is the way to go
  5. ok just wow bluefish i have to get out soon
  6. i may go just hang out and bs with friends but i dont buy there i feel the same as others to many outfitters
  7. not that early but i will be out just to wet that first line
  8. sad but its the same ol thing all the time they cut a deal and we get the shaft the he!! with what we want
  9. yup do it all the time and it dose work on both small and big bass
  10. nice fish i have to get out to the river and see what happens
  11. got it the other day
  12. clinch for me
  13. i use sufix on all my reels
  14. way to go on the bass
  15. ok now we are talking big blues happy happy now