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  1. Im bringing the family for a week vacation to the Boothbay harbor area next week and plan on doing lots of fishing. We will be targeting stripers mainly but will be targeting other things that we can help to entertain the kids with if possible. The last time we were there was August 2014. We stayed in the Harpswell area and had a great time catching squid off our rental house dock. I had no idea there were squid in the waters but got the tip from a local who was fishing off the dock at Allen's seafood. She showed us her set up, and we tried it at our house. We caught squid on every other cast almost, and the kids had a blast for the rest of the week.. She did say the squid were presently on a run that happens every ten years or so. I have since tried to get some more info on the squid fishery there and could not find much info. I think the kids( and adults) are hoping to get lucky with that again. Does anyone know anymore than that? Are big runs like that happen every so many years?