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  1. to be honest LB, I don't know what the issue is but it happened with two separate line roller assembles in less than one year. I was curious to see if anyone else had this issue and how to fix it. Maybe it is with the newer VSX models that they are making and the newer replacement line rollers.
  2. I agree carangua. This should be a nonissue with such an expensive reel that isn't even a year old and has had the complete roller bearing assembly replaced once already.
  3. Thanks li_bass_hunter I did replace the bearing once already and the second one made the same noise. That's why I took apart the bearing to see if I could fix the issue but the noise is still there, especially when roller bearing is under load like JLEW said. Now i have two complete roller bearings that make the same noise.
  4. thanks sir defyable for your response. I am going to try this fix and see if it fixes the problem. I saw you used a 0.1mm and a 0.2mm thick shims but could you give me the other dimensions of the shims so I can find them on line
  5. Hi. I bought a brand new van staal vsx 150 last year in November and the roller bearing sounds like there is sand in it. I took the roller bearing apart and didn't find any sand or grit in it. Which didn't surprise me because I do rinse it in fresh water after every use. I cleaned it and re-lubricated it but it only stayed quite for a week. My question is if anyone else has experienced this with there new van staal VSX and where can I buy replacement bearings for it. Thanks