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  1. Wouldn’t happen to have any more of these would ya?
  2. Missing all the good deals left and right!
  3. Large wadds are more. New trophy needles are more. And if you bought from certain shops it’ll be way more because they gotta make something. Maybe I was just having my mid week period and ranting. Like Skinny said. If someone pays it, props.
  4. Those needles usually go for $35-$40. wadds $40-$45. At least thats what I see.
  5. 100% superior product. No disagreement there. There’s a reason why he’s still top of the food chain after all these years.
  6. That’s why they only hang on walls and get traded between the Facebook fishermen.
  7. Who’s paying $54 a pop on needlefish nowadays? Didn’t know inflation hit BMs yet.
  8. Long shot but Looking for Beachmasters in this color looks to be Green, red, gold, yellow.
  9. I’ll take Cowboy jr if it hasn’t been taken
  10. No worries. Land any deer yet? I’ll send $ shortly after this Rangers game is over.
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