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  1. Interesting! Perhaps I'll try that then. I really appreciate the response! Nice fish by the way. You slammed em! Edit: Great sandcrab trap, I can see how that would work wonders.
  2. This is really smart. Though, I've never had much luck with pyramid weights for some reason. Is this a rig that you plant and soak, or are you retrieving every so often?
  3. Last week, I saw something interesting which I thought I'd share with y'all: a Texas rig'd (no bullet weight) ~3" swimbait on a C-rig. Never seen anything like it but.... it definitely worked. The guy using it had landed a 12" and 15" perch within 30 minutes on the rig after not getting bit on a 2" camo sandworm (perhaps the most shocking part of this tale). I'm on my way out today to give it a bit of a test run! This experience got me thinking about other unlikely combinations, or unique setups for the surf that people might not have heard about. So, I figured I'd start a thread to either theory-craft new setups, or discuss somewhat unusual rigs that have worked for people in the past!
  4. It's 20 minutes north of Santa Cruz give or take. While the beach has some great structure, including submerged rocks off-shore within casting distance, it's a bit tricky to fish. There's usually a lot of wind and large swells. If you can find a day when the conditions are right, it could be worth a shot!
  5. I was getting skunked a while back at Scott's Creek so, I decided to take some photos instead!
  6. Thanks y'all, I really appreciate the kind words. Couldn't be more excited to get back out there. Tight lines!
  7. Caught my first legal striper this week, measured in at about 31". Caught it at sunset on a Nuclear Pink Calissa FM110. Took a couple of runs before coming in close. It was probably 10-15' away from me for a solid 3 minutes trying to bulldog its way back out through breaking waves, fun fight. Finally got its head turned towards the beach, and surfed it in on a wave. Definitely the best fish I've ever caught out of the surf. This was a really meaningful fish for me. I started surf fishing a year ago (almost on the dot) and I feel like this fish is the result of a lot of the knowledge I've accumulated over the last year. I was able to put myself in the right place, at the right time, during the right part of the year, with the right bait, and get it into the strike zone. Even just having a grasp on simple mechanics like understanding how to play a fish in the surf, how to use the waves against it, or how to land a big fish in the surf was crucial in this case. More-so than anything, the search for this fish has forced me to markedly improve my fundamentals, and skillset in the surf. To me, it feels like this was the final exam for my first year, and I somehow passed. I'm excited to see what the rest of this year has in store. Cheers!
  8. I have 3 setups: 1. Okuma Rockaway [10' M (Mod/Fast) 3/4-3oz] Diawa Saltist 4000 The rod that I use for my carolina rigs, typically with a 1.5oz weight. The tip is sensitive enough for me to feel even small goby nibbling on my sandworm, but has enough backbone to land anything I could encounter out in the Monterey Bay. It's proven to be quite exceptional, whether I'm hooked into a bat ray, or a 4" perch. My only qualm with this rod is the size of the handle below the reel, as it's simply too long. 2. Tica UGSA 90M2S TC3 Dolphin Surf [9' M (Fast) 1/2-3oz] Diawa Ballistic 3000 Plugging rod. A bit stiffer and more twitchy than the other rods that I own but allows me to get the most out of a wrist-flick at the end of my cast. I can throw anything from a pencil popper, a dropshot rig, or even a FM110 on it without issue. The versatility alone makes this rod fantastic. It has enough backbone to put some serious pressure on fish, if necessary. Seriously, you can bully fish into submission with this rod, even on light tackle. 3. Lamiglass X11 [8'6 M (Fast) 1/4-3/4oz] Diawa Saltist Back Bay 4000 An unlikely favorite, but a favorite nonetheless. I use this rod for throwing LC/Calissa FM110's, as it can flick them straight out into the strike zone. If I lived somewhere with smaller average swells I'd use it to throw carolina rigs more often but, I typically need more than 3/4oz here. On the rare chance that I do get to throw a carolina rig with this rod, I find it's the most enjoyable and easiest to detect strikes on. Quite honestly, this rod is absolutely ridiculous for its pricepoint (just over $100). The tip is really where this rod shines. It's soft, yet has enough rebound to let you know exactly what is happening at the end of your line. Despite having a soft and sensitive tip, it somehow maintains enough backbone and power to fight big fish. I have landed a 60lbs bat ray on 12lbs test with this thing (though... it did put me through the wringer in the process) and recently I dragged a 31" striper in on 15lbs test within a couple of minutes. The point is: in terms of its price, size/rating, and quality, this rod punches up. Way up. I'd say that the Okuma 9' M (Mod/Fast) 1/2-1-1/2oz or MH (Mod/Fast) 3/4-2oz could be a good replacement for both my other Rockaway and Dolphin, and might be my next purchase to downsize my kit into 2 rods. I've condensed my kit enough to be able to carry everything I need in my waders, without an additional backpack or bag. This allows me to cover a lot of ground when I'm plugging without any hassle. My latest idea is to create some sort of sling to carry an extra rod with me so that I can switch between plugs and a carolina rig, depending on the conditions. I think the combination of my X11 and a smaller Rockaway would be an ideal light tackle, highly mobile setup. If anyone has an idea of how to carry an extra rod without a backpack, let me know!