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  1. Thank you. And thank Ruby, she reminded me that I have a bag of fur colored like hers from my dog who passed last summer - that's what I'll use.
  2. Funny that sometimes a marabou black ghost does alot better that the featherwing version, don't know why I didn't think the same with this pattern, probably cuz I haven't fished it yet. Are you using anything special for the body dubbing? A few weeks ago I tied some up with the traditional bucktail wing in prep for a fishing trip to Maine in June, and already can't remember what I used. Peacock's a nice addition too. Probably don't matter too much, but since you're a Maine guide I thought I'd ask - LoL.
  3. Nice. I'm gonna give that one a shot
  4. I was able to make it out there for the first time. I enjoyed it, pretty good. I was able to pick up some 'vintage' tying material that's hard to come by nowadays. I prefer those smaller, 'community' type venues as opposed to the over-commercialized big shows. Will definitely go again next year.
  5. @Suave That's a treasure for sure. Any of those 200 patterns stand out to you, other than those that are already well known?
  6. @Suave Thanks for the compliment. Occasionally I get it right, like a broken clock, but not quite as often. I did a little digging, mostly online, before tying that pattern and came across a few variations, including Bates' version. I assume bucktail, as Bates uses the word, refers to the style of the fly. The fly seems to have a bit of a storied history, even from it's creator Frank Dufresne, who apparently told a few different versions of how it was named. Most versions agree that is was based on a lure Dufresne saw being used by the Eskimos on the Kobuk River in Alaska back in the 20's. Given the era and location, I'm not sure what options he would have had for materials. My opinion with these older patterns is the creators may have had a preferred material, but they would use whatever they had on hand and didn't fret too much about it. Anyhow, while searching online I came across a variation posted on the Global Fly Fisher site that had a dubbed body of white rabbit. I thought it looked pretty cool that way, and as I was recently gifted a small patch of pre-CITES polar bear from a very generous acquaintance, I thought hey, why not use the underfur as dubbing. So yeah, that is polar bear for the body and wing. (And you're right, the underfur, chopped into shorter pieces, looks and dubs similarly to seal.) And it has that nice cream or off-white color to it. The guard hairs are a bit yellowed, as you noted. Not sure if that is a natural variation of the hair or due to its age. In any case, the polar bear hair does have a nice translucence that doesn't really come through in the photo.
  7. Lucy looks like a sweetheart, LOL. That's a great photo.
  8. Alaska Mary Ann variation
  9. Blacknose dace, an oldie but a goodie.
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