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  1. @mikez2 - pretty cool fish/tank photos you keep posting. I like the idea of collecting those fish locally for you aquarium, almost makes me want to start a tank again. Almost.
  2. LOL, was just talking about that last week with a former EPO.
  3. They did a nice job rebuilding it, wooden pegs and all.
  4. Then they most likely took it to be a leach, but who knows. Pretty nice when you find a killer fly or lure streamside, you should have bought a lottery ticket too.
  5. A balanced, egg sucking leach, judging by the position of the orange bead head. How did they take it, on the drop, on a slow retrieve?
  6. Looks great,but a little hard for my old eyes to make out the details. Extended body, moose mane tail, synthetic wings? Fished as a spinner? I'm sure the AZ bluegills would slurp that right down.
  7. Thanks. Its framed on my wall. Best dog I've had yet over the past 55 yrs.
  8. That tearable pun brought to mind this oldie, and since I haven't paid my dues yet, here goes: Q: What's a one 'L' lama? A: That's a Buddhist priest. Q: What's a two 'L' llama? A: That's a pack animal in Peru. Q: What's a three 'L' lllama? A: That's a big fire in Boston.
  9. Damn man, wear a turtleneck at the vise! Do they even make them anymore? Probably could get one in P-town.
  10. Sounds about right.
  11. Start looking for a printer From What do I show RI Environmental Police if I'm asked for my license? Rhode Island State law still requires you to carry your signed license document with you. Check the DEM regulation webpage or the annual Rhode Island regulation abstracts for the full hunting and fishing rules, seasons, and bag limits. Do I need a printer to purchase a license, tag, or permit online? Yes. For a license to be valid it must be printed out and signed by the applicant. The license you print at your printer is a valid, official license and no other license will be mailed to you. You may also want to print out the transaction receipt for your records. Licenses are printed on plain 8.5" x 11" paper and can be printed in color or black and white.