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  1. Realize north bar is due to sandbar…stay well away from ruins due to the rocks or munitions? Rocks i can navigate for-munitions not so much. When im out there i see boats like 30-50 yards from the Ruins on the east and west sides
  2. Sorry yes iPhone changed trawling to trolling.
  3. Is it safe to fish close to “the ruins” as long as one avoids the rocks? Navionics has danger zone with a 50 yard radius around it. Realize its the danger for live munitions being down there. Is there a side that is safer? Should one avoid jigging/bottom fishing or is this just meant do discourage anchoring / bottom commercial fishing trolling. Thanks!
  4. Unfortunately, $70 is the most i can do. I bid my best offer, Let me know if this works for you?
  5. I’ll do this for $70 to long island shipped. Don’t need the line if that is worth something to you.
  6. Hey guys- my recollection is the tide goes toward the south fork on the ebb and into li sound on the flood for plum gut. Is that right? what are the nasty wind (how fast, which direction) / tide combos that make it dangerous on a 24 foot whaler. Thanks!
  7. New to surfcasting. Wasn’t around when previous new generations of Van Staals have launched. If a new gen VSX comes out will the current new VSX’s go on some kind of sale from shops or prices will stay the same?
  8. Respectfully will offer $625 including shipping. I can do usps money order
  9. Congrats on the baby btw…
  10. I would do the daiwa rod / reel but can’t make it to point pleasant. Since you won’t be able to ship the rod, would you ship the bg3000 reel on its own for $65 to Long Island?
  11. Never mind - I got the pics to open. Have you used it since last posting this season or is it still in same condition? Will offer $600 assuming answer is still in 10/10 mechanical condition.
  12. i cant see the pics for some reason. do you mind reposting? Is this still available?
  13. Would be shipping to Long Island
  14. Unfortunately I’m not near enough to pick up / inspect which clearly makes it more difficult. I do appreciate your feedback on the mechanics. I see you dismissed $600 before, but that was with PayPal. Would you do $600 now? I would do the money order
  15. Where was it serviced? Still hasnt been used since? Would you say its 9/10 mechanically or better currently?