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  1. Thanks everyone. Yesterday got on some more. We checked out an area after a slow early morning. Waited under 15 minutes and birds started piling in. Before long there were 10 boats. Everyone mostly plays nice. I witnessed about 5 albies caught. But somehow I ended up getting a blue and a 25" striper in the mix. Afterwards I wasn't sure what I was chasing. I was just happy to catch some fish (stripers/blues) outside of a raging rip. But some of you are right. There's a point where running snd gunning and playing nice with 15 boats in casting distance isn't much fun anymore. I'm not a "I hate people" guy btw. Its just not the same enjoyment when your in your own space... Either way, my wife caught the blue, she liked that. .
  2. Yes it is in that section that has the 3 rocks. I use navionics as well as C map and I see those rocks too. But for example the 4th one says 16ft. Or I can recall others in 25ft that indicate a rock. So I'm unsure what the "rock" indicates..if its submerged or not. It certainly is a bit more north than where most boats travel over it.. but I have seen some go in that general direction. Possibly too comfortable passing other areas..eventually leading to areas not safe. Technically I did it.. luckily I was drifting..
  3. It was on the inner edge. About .3 mile from the green two tree island Channel. The chart does show the area having the a shallow circled area. But never goes below 5ft. Mid way towards the fog horn there us another rock but it must be deeper but it does swirl some water..I'll double check that one and sound it when I go out. Possibly Wednesday.
  4. I've traversed and fished bartlett reef for years..anyone familiar with the reef knows anyone travels right over it. Plenty of ground clearance. 5+ ft. Avg 12+ft. But Saturday I went out, happen to get a phone call and I started to drift in neutral. I came within 4ft to my side of hitting a rock that was 1ft beneath the surface. I just so happen to look down. I even poked it with my dock stick to make it was real... After I passed it, I saw waves crashing over it. At that very spot my chart read 5ft. I left the area being a bit disturbed as I never knew that obstruction was there and maybe 100 times I've buzzed right next to it. Anyone familiar with this reef or rock...
  5. Last week out of Niantic CT, I went my usual striper fishing. I fished what I thought was a bluefish blitz, but ended up being 100s of Albies. I landed one and I'm hooked. I've since learned lots. Types of common lures, longer floro leaders tied direct. Faster than usual retrieves, ect. But my question is locating them. Twice now it was by total coincidence. Including yesterday RIGHT off a golf balls distance from the black point houses, 10, 15, soon 25 boats all started circling for albies. They were in the area for over an hour. But let's say I go out again. Any general strategy or fish characteristics that might help me get the upper edge on locating? Currently I'm thinking just cruise a few miles looking for topwater or lots of bait. But boy i feel funny blind casting. Thanks.
  6. Ok I'll consider a 3 way set up. I have all that tackle. Yeah I can locate/think of tons of areas that are 20/30 ft. Drops to 100 and stays. And some areas drop to near 100 and return.. creating a valley of varying widths. Under a mile to a few miles. I do know of a few reefs that are surrounded by 50+ feet. I guess my problem is.. is commitment. I don't ever mark fish in these areas. When I do, its near reefs but I can catch them on a variety of lures. I'm looking for those cows. I have this hunch that fishing with a whole bunker, id pick up the lonely mega fish instead of the traditional summer schoolies. Which are fun on light tackle no doubt.
  7. I have been seeing lots of bunker. I can easily snag some. Been chunking and used some for shore fishing. But I want to snag one and use off my boat, whole, live.. I have a conventional set up with 50lb braid. I'll use a legal circle hook and I weight. I will ease the bunky down and ideally drift at the (currently) 2mph current. Could troll if I had too. My question is.. while most of my blues and stripers come off of rips and birds..what is a good idea to try this new strategy? I always feel funny going to open water and fishing, thinking what could be there? I fish out of Eastern CT shore. Should I really just pick some deep water (60ft-100) and cruise around? This could be for eels too btw. Thanks
  8. I don't know much about bunker here in New England. I witnessed some people snagging some from shore in the large river mouth as it reaches LIS. We chucked them up and got good results. Recently, out in the sound I've seen lots of top water activity. My first instinct is bunker, but I'm told its mackerel. How do I find bunker. Do they mainly hang out in bays, harbors, rivers?? Any distinguishing things to notice to not confuse with other bait fish, and bonus if its noticeable on the electronics. Thanks
  9. I am new to boat fishing. I boat out of eastern CT shore. I really want to catch a striper. But I am starting to lose motivation. What might I be doing wrong. I clearly am fishing where there aren't any stripers. I often go early around sunrise. I will find a reef (an area of 8-25ft deep surrounded by 50-100 ft, often accompanied by a rip. I will be down current and begin to drip in towards it, I will use my spinning rod to cast ahead or sometimes parallel with the rip line. i'll cast a number of lures or plastics. but nothing. I occasionally see baitfish but never any actual marks on my electronics of them or larger fish. Although older- i'll be upgrading soon.. I feel dumb just casting into the deep blue sea of deep water sight unseen. I locate deep structure and thats where I'll find porgies or black seabass (usually too short). But no stripers. I actually had this problem from shore too. I just am running out of ideas for stripers! trolling seems like an option but my boat only goes so slow idle and i dont have lead core line. I'd be trolling with weights and just guessing (lots of gas??) I am convinced I am never at the right the right time. I am not comfortable going out to The Race just yet (a popular area where many charters go, rough water). I enjoy the calmer water. I even can(had) head out to the shallows of the CT river mouth, but again, nothing. I had such bad luck that its hard to commit. If I just caught some i'd be able to mentally stick to it on an off day. but day after day..I must be doing something wrong. especially when I see social media still blowing up with stripers from the same areas that I go. One post was within 50 ft of where I was near a particular buoy and he landed 3 40" fish in 30 minutes from his kayak.
  10. Thanks. I actually have looked into a guide. Some are reasonably priced and availability is pretty good with good and recent reviews. I'll continue to tune in on my patients..I've learned and witnessed that with all other fishing I've done but now onto New England salt water fishing, it feels like I'm starting over again. Not necessarily with gear and technique (but that is true too) but more about confidence..mentally..I never caught a fish "here" or always having issues with something at some particular new spot. So I find it hard to keep at it. Yesterday I walked to the end of a 200' jetty. Fished chunk and a lure for 3 hours. And while there is no fish.. I question..if fish of any species ever go there. Whether its the depth, the structure, ect. I am very analytical when I try to learn things. Thats why I felt if I understood stripers more (local habits, migration, ect) maybe I'd get a slight upper hand.
  11. I'm in CT. Moved away for couple years. Got into Fishing and now in CT. Thursday I caught a 33" striper along the CT River mouth on a 4" tsunami swim bait. So.. I got the itch. But I want to learn more about striper fishing to understand them more. And why I am not finding them often...or at all besides my first striper that happened to be a good size fish. It seems like such a crap shoot to have to locate a shore fisherman, I'm limited on areas too. I also heard.. just as the migration started good here.. I guess stripers leave the river by July because it'll become too warm. And be in open water after? True? How does someone gain knowledge on locating fish for shore fishing?? My set up is a 10' tsunami pole, 30lb braid tied to a 20lb mono leader tied to a lure/split ring. Or braid, fish finder/weight clip, bead (for knot??) Tied to a swivel, then a 12" 20lb mono leader either a 3 or 7 hook. Whether i was using sandworms or cut bunker.