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  1. I recently purchased a 9wt TFO Axiom 2x a good choice. could easily handle an intermediate line or sinking tip. I went up to a tenwt wf line just because its a x-fast action rod
  2. Squamscott River, Great Bay, NH – Local Tide Times, Tide Chart – US Harbors
  3. Do you live in NH, if so maybe we could plan a trip to great bay. Call me Anthony 603-404-3652
  4. I would plan my trip according to the tides What is the tidal range of Great Bay? The tidal range is dramatic within Great Bay. Average depth of the embayment is 2.7 meters (8.9 ft) with channels extending to 17.7 m (58 ft). The water surface of Great Bay covers 8.9 square miles (23 km 2) at high tide and 4.2 square miles (11 km 2) at low tide, leaving greater than 50% of the bay exposed at low tide.
  5. There is a all tides ramp off 108 which puts on the nw portion of great bay. I have used it with a boat before.
  6. I too am in the same boat so to speak, recently purchased a kayak, so I thought a spinning rod would be preferable. I bought a combo from Tackle Direct 7 ft mh 10-20 lb test rating with a Shimano 4000 series reel 169.00. oh the rod is a two-piece, tube is about 38'' long. hope this helps. love this web site for info sharing check into a casting egg, can be used to deliver your fly
  7. Thanks for the input, purchased a combo Penn battle 3 and there house brand rod 7ft med heavy delivered as promised, now to get on the water. Any particular braided line?
  8. recently bought a pedal kayak anyone have experience fly fishing from one?
  9. scott tidal should do the trick should be easy to find used. I picked mine up at a shop that was closing them out for 300
  10. I am not familiar with that St. Croix rod, I loved my ultra-legend 4 wt. I picked up a TFO axiom II-x 9wt xfast rod should be good for windy days, this rod could easily handle a 10 wt line. That be said depends on the caster, I am just getting back into it after 15 years, so all of my rods are at least that old. when I started casting again I wanted some new rod technology. Also picked up a Scott 8wt tidal also very nice casting rod, I would say more forgiving.
  11. since i received some great info from people on the list about spinning gear. does anyone gave any experience with purchasing rods and reels from Tackle Direct, they have some good pricing on combos with the Penn Battle III and rod
  12. Thanks for the replies never really thought about a rod with short butt section make sense. I'm in a 13 ft kayak so a 7 footer should do the trick. As far as reels go I don't mind the idea of having to take apart the reel to make sure it's has enough lubricate. My mentor that showed me the ropes building fly rods, always took apart a new reel to check the lubrication either a spinner or caster I'm sure things have changed that was a long time ago (30yrs). Thanks again for your input I'll report back on my decision.
  13. need recommendations, have fly fished mostly from a boat or beach, jumped into the kayak fishing trend. I think a spinning reel and rod would be a better set up for kayak fishing. What length rod and size of spinning reel would work for both fresh and saltwater.
  14. What about Shimano ? better or worse than Penn for the surf?