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  1. Listed elsewhere. Closed.
  2. Lightly used Ross Evolution R Salt 9/10. Truly an awesome, very light reel with a silky drag. 10/10 Mechanical 9.5/10 Cosmetic $600 shipped
  3. Bump w/ price drop to $650
  4. Only used a hand full of times, is mechanically perfect with almost no blemishes. $700 local pick up Portsmouth, NH it will be down cape this week. Will ship for $30.
  5. Looking for a Gen 2 ZX22 or ZX25 in good condition. Local deal somewhere between Portland, ME and Cape Cod preferred.
  6. The terez is a good versatile rod so I think you'd do fine with the fish you listed above-may even be a good rod for albies if you venture a little south in the fall-I also would think it would be fine for most stripers...
  7. I have the 9’ genesis. I think it’s a great light weight rod that casts a great distance for a 9 footer but I don’t find it accurate. I feel like I can hit within a few feet several casts in a row with my 10’6” BH rod but switch to the ODM and anything at distance is kind of a crap shoot…just my 2 cents
  8. And so the verdict is in, just in case someone has a similar issue in the future and is looking for the solution-Part 5D, the sleeve guide, was loose and requires replacement. VS is doing it under warranty and should have it back next week.
  9. Thats awesome, thank you! I will order some 1/2" material and see if I can fabricate something up that works. Have the VS service kits been out of stock for a while now?
  10. I had a 10K on a 10'6" rod and it balanced pretty well but the 8k vs 10k inch per crank difference is pretty nominal so I'd probably take the rod down and see if the slight weight difference makes any difference in your rod balance. 14K to me is more of a popping reel retrieve speed.
  11. I didn’t go this year but last year I had really good luck on shimano flat falls at the end of a Hogy Diesel Mack Sabiki rig. Adjust the size of the flat falls for the amount of current to keep you (near) vertical.
  12. Oh thanks-I did end up sending it in today. When it’s back I have a laser printer for work and I may see if I can fabricate one out of starboard or 1/4” acrylic if I can’t find a real one online.
  13. Just outside Portsmouth NH
  14. Thanks-I had actually dropped it off at USPS to head out to Saltwater Edge in RI-the closest shop to me. The tech answered the phone and was really nice and was saying he was hoping to have it turned around in 48 hours...I can report back with the answer of what was going on when I get it back