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    Born and raised by the beach in SF, I grew up chasing Stripers on the beach all summer long. The best times of my life were when I could run up and down the beach and rocks all day long chasing busting Stripers!!!
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    Fish, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!
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    Semi-retired. IT Consultant

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  1. Ray, is this the model you had?
  2. Where’s the cheapest place to buy SaltXs in the Rhode Island area? Do any shops let you test them before you buy?
  3. Agree to replace the line but older reels sometimes don’t lay down the braid properly on the spool and then you have bird nest blowups that are very frustrating to undo. You might want to start with fresh mono and upgrade to braid with any new reels you purchase.
  4. Anyone have any Creek Chub Pikes still in the original box?
  5. Cant do it. Too expensive :{
  6. Super Strike Swimmer @ night on the rocks Outcast Pencil Popper daytime on the beach
  7. I only fish Saltwater: #1 -- Raw Salmon (that I caught that same day) #2 -- Raw Blue Fin Tuna (that I caught that same day
  8. I have tried repairing them and gave up. I prefer the plugs with no plastic lib like the Stan Gibbs swimmer. Much more durable and catches just as many bass! Less weeds also!
  9. Bummer, any idea why the population decline? Here on the West Coast it is drought and water diversions in our main river systems.
  10. I bought several tsunami spinning reels for Saltwater Surf fishing. The drag system flaked out after landing multiple slot fish. I would not recommend them.
  11. Right on. That sounds great. Lets keep in touch!
  12. When you say "Upper Bay" do you mean like Goddard Park in Narragansett Bay? I have fished the lower part of Newport occasionally but when I am there in Oct. I usually cruz from Narragansett/Pt. Judith to Watch Hill. Should I check out further North in the Upper Bays also?
  13. Right on that is great news! Past few years most of the action has been pretty slow on the beach. Have there been Blues mixed with the bass this year? Getting big blues with surface plugs is crazy.
  14. I’m headed to Rhode Island in mid Oct to catch the Striper Fall Migration. Any reports on how the fishing is now? I target from Narragansett to Watch hill. All shore fishing.