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  1. I’m not haha, I just can’t imagine any bass being in the NY area all winter unless there really is stuff for them to feed on
  2. Definitely, I wear a fully dry suit and bring some extra safety items but I usually am solo but stay close to shore
  3. Wow so there are actually bass here all winter?? How do they survive?
  4. Now that it is finally march, and that I have purchased my first hobie outback I am itching to start catching some bass. I went out fishing last week using blood worms on some structure in 20ft of water but no luck , the water was 40degrees. I am in the west NY area and I wanted to ask if anyone here has had any luck or any really good bass in early march? What depths and types of bottoms will be most productive for early season bass? What is the best bait? What water temp do the decent fish start hitting ? Thanks
  5. Great point about tidal variation and how that massively affects line diameter. Now I’m really thinking the thinner is better and just to fight the fish more carefully
  6. Nice set ups! Mono still has a special place in my heart, I feel like a real old school vibe while using it haha
  7. Glad to hear the 30lb on your torium has done good for you, how do you like the reel? I gotta give the 8lbs a try now on my light rod
  8. Wow 8lbs for fluke! braid right? ever have any issues with breaking line? and I was think 50-80lbs for bass. I have multiple rods I was just trying to balance out the nicest setup to do a big of everything but maybe I should just set that up for bass
  9. What #test braid should I put on my Shimano Torium 16HG-L? I’ll be doing mix bag bottom fishing from fluke, bass, striped sea bass, and black fish what brand should I use ?
  10. I’m going to look into this! Thank you! I’m glad you guys had a good time !
  11. Thanks for sharing! So you covered that poor tourists head in vomit ?
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