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  1. Thank you. I can navigate with map and compass and you are 100 percent correct, the aid of modern electronic plotters is great but no substitute for dead reckoning. Thanks. And I hope to see you on the river.
  2. I just bought for the boat a simrad Go9 xse. And I will use your advice. Thanks.
  3. My grandfather was a Gloucester schooner Capt and a member of the master mariners association and he said when they were in a thick of fog, they would drag a line off the stern to get a bearing and to make sure they were no Veering off course. I have never heard of dragging a line while clamming. I use to clam on the north shore as did my cousin and his son still does. I can ask him if this is something new. Thanks for your help
  4. Good idea. But my boat is an inboard.
  5. I will absolutely! My Mackenzie is yellow and I will be the one poking in and out of the rips. But swing by for a beer and a laugh. Thanks.
  6. I have the chart and thank you. all solid salty advice. And yes, thank god rocks do not move. Tight lines. DLHO
  7. Hello. I am new to the forum and thanks for the ad, I have a 26 foot McKenzie cuttyhunk bass boat, not new to running a vessel or dragging bait. But my boat is on the hook in the Piscataquis river and I am wanting to learn about the shoals and the places to avoid more then anything else. Not looking for your sweet spots and not going to tail anymore and crowd them out. I hope to be able to add to this forum and not just take, I have been a saltwater fly fisherman for almost 4 decades and feel free to ask me about that. But this cuttyhunk has been a long time coming and a labor of love for my son and I. So any thoughts and information is appreciated and will do same in return. Thank. DLHO