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  1. I found some soft lures melted and glued together. Wasted, good for the trash. I even found some glued on hard lures, damaging their varnish. What happens? How to prevent it from happening later? Also, some old soft lures have an unpleasant smell of plastic, does it bother the fish? Is it possible to remove this smell ? Thank you for your help.
  2. Two days at the sea. Nice weather, warm. The tide is too late to be fished efficiently. On the shore I found a lot of this. This one is fluorescent green, I also have some in yellow and orange. Obviously it is used for fishing as evidenced by the two barrel swivels. What are these?
  3. Well... It's been almost ten years since I last spoke English. I have to find the automatisms, the construction of sentences is not the same in French as in English. For example: In French: - je bois de l’eau fraîche In English: - i drink fresh water. The pronoun "water" is underlined. English is a Germanic language and French is a Latin language. (That's why in the movies the Spanish and Italians speak a strange and laughable English. The French too...) Not so simple.
  4. I have a so-called school English here in France. I took an English test at the very end of my career. The analysis gave: - speaks and writes in English as he speaks and writes in French. - does not know how to work his sentences in English, but remains nevertheless very comprehensible. Imagine the carnage when I was sent to America as a pilot in exchange. I hardly spoke a word of English. I only had my pilot English, which was very short and made to be understood orally by any other pilot with any accent. I had just returned from several years in West Germany and fortunately for me, my instructor spoke very basic German. Some other colleagues spoke Italian, others Spanish. The English couldn't understand anything with your damn accents. The Australians did fine. A real mess. Of course nobody knew how to drive an automatic car, we rented Volkswagen Golf (rabbit, at your place) with a real gearbox between Europeans. We were able to visit a good part of America. :-) One day we were lost in a remote part of Kentucky, two of us wanted to see horse racing. We found a farm. No bells and whistles. Well, we enter the farmyard. A little old man comes out of a building, approaches slowly, then... Then he points his ****ing sawed-off shotgun at the windshield. Hands up ! I roll down the window slowly. A kid comes out of the main house with what looks like an assault rifle. Through his teeth, he orders us to get the **** off his property. Or else he'll blow us away with his gun. A colleague tells him that we are lost and that we are looking for the racetrack. He immediately changes his attitude, lowers his rifle, smiles. Seeing a whole bunch of lost Frenchmen. He points us out and makes a map to show us the way. We leave, find the racetrack when, When one of us asks : - tell me guys! The kid with his gun. Doesn't he have a grenade launcher underneath?
  5. You are right. In Europe it is difficult to understand the mentality of Americans towards firearms. All our TV reports on this subject are against guns. They usually show people happy to buy a gun, whatever the model. Often a military assault rifle and its destructive ammunition. Children (often young) at shooting ranges. These reports are made to shock the opinion and scandalize. We often see them after an umpteenth massacre. But let's refocus on the initial subject. The weapons of war. Who here has ever killed a man? Tough question, isn't it? I have, and not only one... From the top of an airplane, at 10000 feet we can't see well, a target is often, a hole in the rock, in the ground, a trench, a house, a truck, a car, a tank, ... Except that with the evolution of targeting pods, it is possible to see the target clearly. This is the kind of thing I never tell, to anyone, especially not to family and friends. But in a conflict somewhere abroad. I was ordered to drop a gbu-31 on a mobile howitzer. I clearly saw the driver get out of his vehicle, look up at the sky, probably see a small dot getting bigger and bigger, close his eyes and pray, hand up, finger to the sky. Successful impact, target destroyed. Destroyed a vehicle, no problem. Killing a human, leaves one wondering. Yes, it is an enemy. But it was also a living person, having loved and been loved. It's hard to talk about it. He died a long time ago, but often at night or during the day, his look comes back to torment me. At the beginning of my incorporation, we had several classes with a forensic expert. Nothing was spared to us. He showed us pictures of men and women affected by various contemporary munitions. A horrible experience. The movies are all wrong, you don't die immediately after being hit by a bullet. A bullet in the head does not necessarily kill you, just as it does in the heart. An artery hit will cause you to bleed to death in about three long minutes. A bullet in the stomach will cause you to die in excruciating pain in about a week. I know something about this because I was one of the last generations to see the last of the "Gueules Cassées" and their horrible wounds.
  6. The rifle left this morning for the national weapons bench. It will be completely dismantled. All parts inspected. Reassembled, greased. Then test of the rifle. I asked that any part in bad condition be replaced. I keep the old parts. The barrel will be inspected in depth, because it is one of the most critical points. I intended this gun for hunting wild boar, deer and badger. I hunt mainly to regulate the species and prevent damage to agricultural crops. Generally, I shoot with a modern steel reproduction of a Sharps-Borchardt model 1878 hammerless. I shoot with .50-90 Sharps. This kind of caliber leaves no chance to the animal hit. I prefer not to hurt them.
  7. Pol Pot was not bad either as a genicidal madman. About America. Why in France we have never been too fanatical about guns? During the Middle Ages weapons were owned by the powerful, the lords. They were distributed to the villagers to defend the fief (or domain, I don't have the translation in English) of a lord or for any war. But all of them were taken back at the end of the conflict. It has always been like that. Except during the various revolutions that have shaken French history. Napoleon Bonaparte, then Napoleon III put a total end to the circulation of weapons in France. The fear of another revolution, massacres, exactions under the influence of exalted people. The facts of the Revolution and the Commune are still in all memories. It is true that in France, Americans are considered to be crazy about weapons, and the various massacres only confirm this. Here in France we have always been a country of farmers, armed in case of urgent need. Armed by the powerful of the country. You have also always been a country of farmers. But with no one to regulate weapons, no powerful people to slow down and restrict the circulation of weapons. To legalize what had become a real mess, the second amendment came in time. We have our heroes ( Jeanne D'arc ) and you have yours ( Ok Corral ), our heroes wear heavy shiny armor and fight with a sword or a spear, your heroes wear a big dusty hat and fight with a colt or a Winchester.
  8. Skf01


    I'm not going to be much help with the helicopters. I have only flown two in my career and during some meetings. The Sikorsky H-34 and a Bell Uh-1 Huey. The first in a 20mm gun-rower configuration and the second in a 20mm twin gun forward firing configuration. Otherwise, from what I know about turboprops, they are not good friends with sand. The axial compressor, if it eats too much fine sand, ends up having its blades eroded, then unbalanced, which leads to its disintegration. Nothing is more fragile than a machine running at very high speed. A piston engine will be more solid under all conditions. The only problem is its complexity compared to a jet engine. At the end of the Second World War, the threshold was reached where an aircraft piston engine could no longer be improved. The most powerful engine was a radial engine, the P&W R-4360 wasp major turbo-compound of 3800 horsepower (2834 kW). It had a displacement of 71 liters. I have flown a few aircraft with this engine in the past. Very powerful, very noisy, very heavy, too fragile. English gentlemen have when the same developed a competitor to this engine. The Napier Sabre, whose very last version gave 5500 horsepower. Note: the Napier Sabre equipped the Hawker Typhoon and Tempest. Two beautiful aircraft, but neither of them are restored flying. Too dangerous at takeoff, the engine torque could make the plane turn on itself at acceleration.
  9. After yet another bent leader, I ordered fluoro leaders. 0.8 and 1 in diameter. 25 kg of resistance, that is 55 lbs. Damn, the number of lures present behind the guy! I'll do some shopping there. :-)
  10. There is one important thing to know about pike. They are opportunistic hunters. Contrary to a sea bass that hunts its prey, pike catch mostly fish passing in front of them. They are camouflaged in the seaweed and wait patiently without moving until an interesting fish passes near them. Back home, the old-timers say that the pike is a lazy fish.
  11. What kind of lures do you use?
  12. Hello. A good friend of my father will give him a lever action rifle under guard Marlin 44-40 mod 1894. Serial number 129XXX. Barrel of 24 " This one had according to the legend been given by a US soldier returning home after the first world war. Weapon used as trench cleaner. This weapon has not fired a single shot for about 72 years. It is preserved in an oily paper. I am hunting and thinking of getting it back. Before registering it and making it legal. What do I have to do to make it operational? I'm thinking of having it tested at the National Proof House in Saint Etienne, France. Then I will have a safe gun. The black spot is the ammunition. Which ones do you recommend? Modern ammunition only. Thank you for your advice.
  13. It's amazing that people in the cities are so afraid of horses. Such nice and calm animals. At the same time in our family we have twelve of them. Heavy draft horse. Shire horses. They are used for the work in the fields which are in organic farming. Think about it. It may be the right solution. Weapons? Yes, only for hunting and sport shooting. Then to come back to this. Seen from Europe, North America is known as a very young country that was built on violence. Here we have an expression: the Colt civilized America.
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