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  1. More Putin Propaganda coming from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. "Foreign mercenaries have been used to fill the gap—Anglos, Poles, Romanians—but there is a major problem with them: as Julius Caesar pointed out, lots of people are willing to kill for money but nobody wants to die for money—except an idiot, I would add." The movie was captioned:
  2. "Stavka" term disappeared in soviet union somewhere in 196-. Ukrainians started to use it somewhere in 200-. Russians are using term "Shtab".
  3. At the beginning of COVID the industrial power of the West was not able to generate enough PPE for 1 year! " At present, there is still no shortage of idiots on the Ukrainian side—yet—and neither is there a shortage of donated Western weaponry. First came used Soviet-era tanks and other weapons systems donated from all over Eastern Europe; then came actual Western weapons systems. And now throughout NATO one hears plaintive cries that they have nothing left that they can give to the Ukrainians: the cupboard is empty. Nor can they manufacture more weapons in a hurry. To start churning out weapons at the same rate as Russia is doing, these NATO members would first need to reindustrialize, and there are neither the human resources, nor the money to do so. And so the Russian army grinds away, demilitarizing the Ukraine, and the rest of NATO with it. In the process, it is perfecting the art of fighting a land war against NATO—not that a single NATO country would even entertain such an idea. "
  4. Brian, sometimes you looks not very smart. Of course I remember your deep analysis, that is why I place the citation from Ukrainian author here.
  5. " as usually happens when negotiating with the Russians, their initial offer is usually the best. For all we know, based on how things are going in the Ukraine, Russia’s best and final offer may require NATO to disband altogether. After all, the Warsaw Pact disbanded 31 years ago but NATO is still around and bigger than ever; what for? To fight Russia? Well, then, what are they waiting for? Come and get it! This may not even take the form of a negotiation. For example, Russia could say, take a quick whack at Latvia (it richly deserves a whack or two for abusing its large native Russian population Nazi-style) and then stand back and say, “Come on, NATO, come and die heroically on our doorstep for poor little Latvia!” At this, NATO officials will stand united but very quiet, thoughtfully examining their own and each others’ shoes. Once it becomes clear that there will be no offers to launch World War III to avenge Latvia, NATO will quietly dry up and blow away. "
  6. Nice try, Mykola! Pork fat to the heroes!
  7. Thank you! I have a lot of DMs, but direct support is precious! While I am new here, I know that some Americans feel the same.
  8. AIDS are the symptoms of the HIV viral infection. When I read your copy-past and compare it to other databases, I understand that Ukrs do not have the ability to detect the disease until people are very sick and dying. The ratio between AIDS and HIV shows the gravity of the disaster. 2) “Krokodil and rampant prostitution”, really? You try to talk English, but you end up speaking Russian. Usually, people who are proud of their original countries are also proud of their countries of adoption. It is not your case. Although you know that UKrs Nazi or Any Nazi are bad, you are afraid to admit it. Out of the 40 million population in Ukraine, 8 million live and work in Russia and there are more now. Before the Soviet Union broke, Ukraine was one of the richest countries in Europe. Very fast after that, the corrupted government and people of Ukraine had to sell themselves and the country to survive. Whenever you write you say “fagot, pedal”, bla, bla, bla. With all my respect to these people, with the rate of HIV in Ukraine you should not touch any man until you make sure the labs can detect the virus before symptoms appear or you know how to use protection. I can understand why Ukrainian soldiers in each war video call Zelenskyy "fag-t". Is this how soldiers show respect and love to a democratically chosen president and high command? Of course not. They simply hate him because he stole their hopes and destroyed their country and their families because of his inability to put his people first.
  9. It depends only on US/England. However, due to massive propaganda, 99% of Americans (I think in Europe the numbers are similar) think that Ukraine is winning and we just need to help them a bit more:(
  10. Exactement! From yesterday news: According to Vladimir Putin, Ukraine will have to pay large compensation to the Donbass for the years of genocide, which continues now. The neo-Nazi regime, according to the head of state, inflicted unprecedented damage on Donbass, both in the form of human losses and in material terms. “I think that when the special operation is over and we win, everyone will be held accountable for their “behavior.” By that time we will have the most trained and hardened army in Europe! And we are talking about very serious amounts of compensation." Will Poland be divided again?
  11. I do not see any invasion. I see gradual de-militarization exactly as Putin wanted. Occasionally Ukrainians get a minor victory and West is applauding but finally Russia is doing exactly what Putin said. The fighting power of the Ukrainian Army is reducing day-by-day by those successful implementation of russian strategy - digging in, not advancing far, not defeating too strong. Ukrainians feel like a fly stuck in tar. Kherson was good example - 1.5 k Russians versus 23 k Ukrs. Right now is Bahmut/Artemovsk - 500 Ukrs per day versus dozens of Russians. Whatever the level of propaganda is, it cannot change objective facts on the ground. It will be interesting to see the exit strategy of the West. I guess we need to kill Zelensky and blame Russia. And then we will stop supporting any new Ukrainian government as being pro-Russian. What do you think?
  12. lol I see that you do not know the meaning of English words. The infection rate means how much new cases are detected in comparison to previous time frame. The prevalence of infection means normalized number of individuals with infection. Keeping that in mind you can easily find out that Ukraine has highest HIV prevalence in all word outside Africa. Prevalence of HIV in US and Russia is pretty similar
  13. Ukrainian thugs staged a disgusting performance for fun in the US Congress. They publicly wiped their feet on the flag of the Donesk Republic of People. What they really showed is how for 8 years they obediently wiped their feet on human rights, how they wanted to spit on the right to life of the people of Donbass, how they really relate to their choice, how they killed innocent kids, how they dropped thousands mines in the civilian area of Donesk. Like, that's what Ukraine is ready to cross in order to join Western "civilization" and "democracy." First I thought that with such performances it is better to go to the zoo. Then I realize that animals are much better than such offspring. Civilized people do not behave like this. It was really sad to hear that our congressmen did follow the most primitive feelings and applaud these ukrainian lices who parasite on the Ukrainian country.
  14. You seem a bit agitated. Have you been drinking tonight or did you finally realize Putin's plan for the de-militarization of Nazi Ukraine is working? The early you wake up, the easy your hangover will be.
  15. Karaya - was famous german Nazi fighter. In May 1945 he chose to surrender to US forces. Of course, US handed him to Soviet Union where he got 25 years of Gulag. I just wondering, what will happen to Zelenskyy, when he will finish with his new play?
  16. Very soon our lovely Brian will be labeled as Putin's puppy. We all thought that Putin's missiles were done already back in April. But I guess they disappear whenever it suit the Dumbs. Oh, sorry, my mistake, I meant Dems
  17. Those bloody Russian barbarians! Look what they did to beautiful Berlin
  18. Pretty much expected: " The incredible public relations and influence campaign launched by Ukraine, which has dwarfed any such efforts by Russia, can be attributed to people and corporations sitting in different places in the United States of America. The Russia-Ukraine war has not just increased the revenue of US arms and weapons manufacturing companies, but it has also come as an early Christmas for lobbying firms and individual lobbyists. Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy seems to have gone on a lobbying shopping spree in the United States since Russia invaded in February 2022. Since this period, he has engaged at least 12 lobbying firms and individuals in the US through various departments and his own advisors." Man of the Year accordingly the United States news magazine Time:
  19. Biden does it each day. Dems are quiet. Fake news appear about Putin health. Dems are screaming.
  20. Well. What I see right now is that Ukrs are suffering from a heavy lost. Polish mothers start to ask who will honor their sons. Many Americans are dead. Today Russian officials are saying they will be sending 350 thousands new trained soldier to the battlefield in a few days. So? It was 700 thousands of Ukranians+30 thousands of polish+French+all Europe and US versus 170 thousands of Russians. Now Russians have decided to balace the equation even if poor Ukraine is completely destroyed. I wonder, what the delusional leaders of the world will do next. I am sure they got balls. Right?
  21. After today's massive Russian missile attack in Ukraine, this piece of Ukrainian propaganda sounds like a stupid joke. However, I can assume that the Russians use such missiles to hack Ukraine's air defenses while delivering a real strike.
  22. Finally our Ukrainian friend has woke up.
  23. I see the future. Somebody will come with banhummer and kill that suffering human-being
  24. Well. They do not write it in western=democratic news. However, all world knows that Turkey has already attacked US-backed bases of Kurdish in Syria. Two days nonstop. I just hope that US was notified a few days before and our soldiers were able to evaluate. Why they did it to us? After Dems failed in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan... It looks like pattern.
  25. I see you are the brave boy, Mycola! Come on, it is time to join Ukr forces - Monsanto will get fertilizer for free.