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  1. For a little cheaper option, look into tsunami carbon shield ii. I have a 7’6” that I really enjoy when I fish the bay areas
  2. Loves western mass, but it’s a hike for me. I went to school in Amherst, and I miss that area and the water big time. Planning on doing a lot of exploring in central mass this summer; hopefully I’ll find some little havens
  3. Any opinions on good parts of the country for this type of fishing? I’ve only really tried in MA. Applying to grad school and would love to have good fishing around
  4. Always nice when the stocked fish stick around for a little
  5. One of the spots was around there. Old fish surveys of the brook made it seem promising, but there just wasn’t enough water. Native brookies in this area must be as close to extirpated as possible
  6. Some people don’t see beyond their white picket fence, and nothing will change that unfortunately
  7. Figured it was something like that. Really is a shame. I think the cold water program needs some work. Don’t understand the logic of continually stocking waters that have trout holding over/reproducing. That competition can’t be great for the wild fish
  8. Anyone know how often the state updates the coldwater fish resources map. Have been to a few spots in my area (NE mass) and none of them were really fishable due to low water.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. Was able to coax some brookies on top
  10. Thoughts on using dries shortly after a moderate to heavy rain? Water too turbid still?
  11. No, I’m pretty new to fly fishing and have a lot to learn! What kind of fly is it?
  12. Thank you! Long time lurker but ready to start contributing.
  13. Western mass has some beautiful water and fish