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  1. I bought a ton of tennis ball tubes dirt cheap on ebay. I cut the bottoms off and put them in a plastic bin. They are great for plug/soft plastic storage. And was inexpensive.
  2. Looks like a sturgeon. Cool find!
  3. ... Sea Robin of a lifetime! I might have to dust off the kayak and get in on this gator action!
  4. That a stocked Atlantic Salmon?
  5. What's the water temperature in upper bay at the moment?
  6. Has anyone tested out the new Ascend Moher Fat Bike that Cabela's/ Bass Pro recently released? Wondering how it compares to other inexpensive fat bikes like mongoose hitch/malus.
  7. Native Slayer propel 13. Love mine, drive is very dependable and easy to use, I've taken it in all types of waters including the ocean front. My only complaint is it's heavy (what pedal yak isn't though) and the rudder placement... I'd preferred it had a rudder that swung up rather than fixed to the bottom as it makes getting it onto my car annoying. But over all great yak I'd purchase again.
  8. Naked!? Watch out for the bluefish!
  9. Now I'm curious about the reverse?... white at night? I've only ever used black sluggos at night...
  10. That's a great idea!
  11. I use a thin inflatable for calm freshwater but for large freshwater and bays and oceanfront I use the NRS chinook OS in bright orange so boats can see me. It's comfortable and has pockets for storage.
  12. St Croix makes a mojo kayak series of rods specifically for this problem. They are good rod for throwing paddle tails and light jigs/lures.