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  1. I can't second this loudly enough. I went with the largest size which are hard sided instead of bags. Look like this; They actually get colder than ice, so when you combine them with ice they extend the life of the ice. I put one in a cheap soft cooler yesterday morning with a handful of ice and drinks. Sat in a hot car all day, highs around 85ish. Then I left it on the back porch all night. At about noon today I pulled out a freezing cold beverage. Good enough for me. With a good cooler and a decent amount of ice you can get some serious long term cold beer.
  2. I had a pair of Palix Rivers, lasted me a year, that's probably 75-100 days actual use. I'm hard on waders. I've gotten more careful and frugal the older I get . Take care of waders, don't leave them balled up in the back of a vehicle when you're done fishing. That and get wading boots/shoes that fit well. Jamming stocking feet into ill-fitting boots will wear them out. Ask me how I know
  3. I just this week got a Tsunami Trophy II 11' 4-10 Oz and while this is definitely a beefier stick then the Salt X 11' is the same length at least. I went with a Spheros 6000 and I wish I would have gotten an 8000. Like stated above though, this is a bait rod. If you're planning on only working plugs keep it light.
  4. Ended up in the surf a few hundred yards north of Buxton. Fantastic weather. Cooperative sand bars, and plenty of fish. No serious game fish, but enough spot and whiting and blue fish to keep me busy nonstop. I like it when my problem is constantly taking fish off hooks. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Just taking a shot and doing something different paid off big time. Plus it's very nice to have the beach all to yourself for hundreds of yards in either direction.
  5. Fast glass and high ISOs. That's about all you can do. The Sigma Contemporary series for the Sony E mount are incredible for the price. I've got the 30mm 1.4 and the 16mm 1.4 and they are FANTASTIC.
  6. Oh I'm having no problem catching rays . In fact I'm getting ready to crush my barbs to make shaking them off a little easier. I just came in from fishing the two hours up to high tide, at one point I had a whiting and a ray on the same high low rig. Can't keep them away. Tiny little angry ones mostly. Can't find any up here for the life of me. I have my metal rod rigged and ready to go constantly, every morning and evening I walk and cast, so far bupkiss. If I could track down blues with any consistency I'd be happy. Thank you. I think the wife and I are gonna day trip down the coast tomorrow. Might as well give it a shot.
  7. Wise advice. Plus it's fun to just explore down here, even if that just means driving around. Thank you!
  8. Currently in Nags Head. I know the northern Outer Banks aren't the same as the southern. I'm catching whiting pretty consistently 50 feet out my back door, but can't seem to upgrade to anything bigger or better. Used fresh dead shrimp, sand fleas, various flavors of Fish Bites, and assorted cut bait (mullet, bluefish). I've got enough rods and reels to do pretty much anything, heavers down to little 7 footers and fly rods to boot. My question is do I take a day (or maybe 2) and try a beach somewhere down south? I know there is some public beach front in Frisco. I don't have much interest in heading to the point, if only because I've got no mono . Opinions? Advice? I've also thought about going down and setting up around the inlet.
  9. Give me the 1 or 1 1/2. Just sling them towards the horizon. Very satisfying. Be more satisfying if I could find some Spanish Mackerel, but I guess you can't win them all.
  10. The Redington Classc Trout is intended to have a slower action. Almost a true moderate rod. Great for gentle dry fly placement. I bought an 8'6" 4wt on Ebay for something like $75. I fished it religiously for a few years, drys and nymphs and the occasional wooly bugger. Now it is my go to light weight single hand Skagit rod because it's so easy to load. I'd agree, most of the lower end Redington rods cast like mush. I had an 8 weight Pursuit that weighed about 6 pounds and wasn't exactly beginner friendly. I overlined it, underlined it, never really could make it feel just right. Ended up with a Orvis Clearwater that I still use as my kayak rod because you just can't break em. All that being said the Classic Trout is an great trout stick for the money. It's not for casting big streamers in the wind, or heaving big dropshot nymph rigs, but it'll do pretty much everything the average trout angler could want a rod to do for a pittance, especially if you fish smaller water.
  11. They'll definitely catch bluefish
  12. The Simms zip ups are just what you think they'd be. You can also buy a (used) motorcycle for the price, but you know what we say around here about buying once and crying once.
  13. Yup. Don't be shy with it. My stocking feet are more Aquaseal than neoprene at this point.
  14. I mean that sounds fantastic, but for me it's walleye, crappie and swordfish, not necessarily in that order.
  15. And in fly fishing looking good is much more important than being functional