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  1. Anyone ever fished the power plant back in the 80s&90s.
  2. Anyone ever fished the power plant back in the 80s&90s.
  3. I have a Shimano 4000fb in nearly great condition with box & papers. Saw saltwater maybe 10 times used it for lake fishing mostly but barely used there too. A year later it was replaced with a van staal100.
  4. Well said.
  5. I have a specialized fat boy with 4.6” tires I have been riding the beach for 5 years and no problems at all just air the tires down to 5lbs. It beats walking for miles . I have been surfcasting for 43 years & always enjoyed walking but getting older weak knees hip problems the bike is a god send.again you get an awesome workout & your body will thank you for it. You can also park at Robert Moses 5 & ride to fire island . Visit the inn at kismet just don’t stay to long because you wind up stumbling back instead of riding good luck with your choice of bike electric or manual you enjoy the benefits.
  6. Well said god bless.
  7. Park ave in lindenhurst 20 years there & they just keep patching the 500 potholes.where is all that money for road repairs going. VERY SAD.
  8. Pedal assist 3& gear 5 your battery should last for a while.but if you use throttle only you will eat up the battery quickly. It doesn’t hurt to get a little exercise your body will thank you for it.
  9. Went to cap tree Saturday looking for herring & found none but saw tons of bait in between the boats. Can’t wait for spring.
  10. Bert left years ago . Mike does all the van staals now & does a phenomenal job even with a short time frame. He is & the shop is very reliable,very knowledgeable & the shop is a surfcasters dream . They have an awesome variety of plugs & everything else you need for surfcasting.
  11. Will that promo code work with a vr75?
  12. Van staal 150 & a 9’ CT’s powerhouse little setup for anything in the surf
  13. 10’lamiglas gab 1st generation van staal 250 countless fish for 28 years never failed me once.