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  1. I received the new TFO rod today, it looks really nice, the eyes are aligned as they should be, I didn't see any flaws, it's pretty lightweight too. So sometime next week I'm going fishing with it and will see how it feels. I might try dragging a bobber across my wood floor and see how the new rod feels compared to my other ones. I didn't get the rod I was expecting, but this TFO rod did cost less so in some respects that's good as long as it can perform good. If I don't like it Sportsman Warehouse said I can bring it in and exchange it for another rod. so there is that if necessary.
  2. SpoonPlugger1; thanks for the interesting comments, stuff I didn't know. When a voice is being transmitted and those vibrations are being pushed into the skin of the throat, does that lower the frequency substantially or not? Because when I put my finger up to my voice box area all I feel is slight movement. Do I take from what you said that a lighter rod is more sensitive than a heavier rod? Does an ounce make a huge difference? or are we talking heavy like a Shakespear Ugly Stik difference? From what I heard almost all rod makers are going with more guides, supposedly these aid in casting further, but in the process of adding more guides, does it take away some sensitivity? If so, then why are all the big rod companies adding more guides? I ran into a problem from Daiwa, apparently, they now do not know when the Tatula will be in, it could be 6 months or longer, plus an online store that sold their rods said it was a true M action rod, and I wanted a ML at the very most, and hopefully a L or a UL. So, I went back to Sportsman Warehouse and the pro fishing sales guy there told me that everyone, including himself, are now using the 7' Temple Fork Outfitters Panfish Trout rod with ultralight action and a very fast taper, weighing 3.3 ounces, but it is a single piece which I may have to go to since finding a good 2 piece one seems to be a headache. The Trout Panfish rod is no longer listed on their website, so I think they may have stopped making it, but I was able to order it from another Sportsman Warehouse store. Supposedly the chief engineer and designer at Temple Fork Outfitters was the chief engineer and designer at G Loomis for many years is designing a lot of their rods. I needed a rod pretty quickly for a trip I'm taking next month.
  3. OK, it's been quite a thrill researching this stuff. I went back to my friend today and talked to him in length about what I should get. We came to the conclusion that for one I need a 2 piece rod and not a 1 piece due to difficulty I would have trying to transport a 1 piece rod, so, Halo, St Croix, and others are out of the picture. Also, it's very difficult to find a medium light action with a extra fast taper rod in a 2 piece that won't cost an arm and a leg, my budget was around $150. After he and I looked some more, the best rod he and I came up with was a 2 piece medium action, extra fast taper Daiwa Tatula! Which was a rod a couple of you guys mentioned. The problem is, it may not be in stock, so I have to call the place tomorrow and check, they did say they could back order it on the internet. Thanks guys, I appreciate you all helping me out with this. I haven't bought new fishing gear in 35 or so years, a lot has changed since then! I needed to get some new stuff due to my Shimano Aero ULSA XT7 got a little rough last time I went fishing, I did take it apart and relubed it but it's not smooth like it was, though reels made back then aren't near as smooth as reels made today. So once I got a new Daiwa BG2500 spinning reel about 2 weeks ago, I then had to get a new rod to move up to more modern technology. I will still use the Shimano with the old Berkley Lightening I6 rod, which sometimes I put that reel on a Fenwick glass rod, depending on the action I want. So, I will be looking forward to using the new technology stuff. My next purchase sometime this coming fall will be some sort of Tenkara rod to take on my bicycle camping and touring trips. I currently fish when bike camping with a YoYo automatic reel! LOL, I've actually caught fish with it! Google it if you don't know what a YoYo reel is, it's a survival reel, but I use it for something to do when camping. Anyways, thanks again guys for your advice.
  4. I got some good insight on this forum before so now I have another question. I bought a Daiwa BG 2500 based in insight I got from here, now I'm deciding on which rod to get for it. I went to Sportsman Warehouse where I live and looked at a lot of rods, especially the St Croix Premier, Doybins Sierra, Halo HFX, and another rod I can't recall. The sales guy put those rods out for me to see because he felt they were the best in the $150 region I was looking at, he then did something I've never seen done before, he had me hold the rods like I would fishing, and then arched the tip just a bit and placed them on his voice box on his throat and talked, supposedly I was supposed to feel his voice vibrating through the rod but the only one I could feel that happening was with the Halo, which sort of surprised the sales guy but he said my hands may not be as sensitive as other people's hands, but because I could feel the vibration I was pretty much sold on the Halo. The Halo has that 4 finger thing where the blank of the rod is exposed by where you handle it when fishing, and that could be the reason I felt the vibration since it didn't have to travel through the blank and into the foam or cork handle in order for me to feel it, so that could be the selling point for me if my hands are not as sensitive as others. Due to that test, and a lot of internet reading I kind of really like the Halo, however, on another forum they were saying that the Daiwa Tatula might be a better rod over the Halo, but I have no way to test it for that strange vibration test that I did. I do mostly freshwater inland lakes fishing up in northern Indiana, I may go to other places but that is where I live thus that is where I fish the most. I know people have their favorite rods, and reels too, I get that. So, do you guys have any insight on those two rods?
  5. I have to check to see if the only shop where I live spools line; again guys thanks for your help.
  6. I just bought a Diawa BG 2500 and I'm confused about the 3 plastic washers they supplied with the reel. I understand it's to change the way the line spools on the reel, but I don't want to have put line on then take it off, add washer, put line on then take it back off, add washer etc, is there an easier way? I'm assuming that's done due to the different types of line on the market? If so, then I will not be using braided, I will mostly be using Fluorocarbon, and maybe mono, all at 6 to 8 pound range. Not sure if that info helps in finding out how many washers to use but I'm hoping it does. Thanks for your insights.
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