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  1. How often are y'all replacing gulp juice when you store them in bulk lik this?
  2. Is there an upgrade program for reels as well??
  3. Is that the lynx? How do you like it for this application
  4. I know you've posted here and on YT on this subject before but do you have any new methods for inshore kayak fishing? In deeper water with deeper grades it seems like you need to up the jig weight to get the same rate of glide/drop of your jig head. Can you offer any gear advice on applying single jigs to 20-50 ft of water?
  5. How heavy can you go on the classic mh jigging for fluke before it starts to feel mushy? It's most likely going to be my next rod for exactly the purposes. I don't think I'll have to worry about rod action as much for tog jigs but I'm new to this so recognize I could be way off.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. After a brief, frustrating trip I decided to put the solo canoe up for sale and got a tarpon 140. Went for a quick after work paddle today and really had a great time. Now to rack up on some kayak rods (most of my canoe rods were for river smallies).
  7. I emailed them about this a couple months ago and they confirmed to me that the trident series was discontinued for 2022 and they had no plans to bring it back. No comment on how to find new old stock but best of luck.
  8. Squid from the grocery store -- I go to a local b&t for a bag or pint of clam necks. They also stay on the hook pretty well. If I'm using whole clams I'll make a small cocktail/sandwich with pieces of squid strip. Back when I was in CA I used to pack short gulp sandworms and throw them on a carolina rig for surf perch. Thinking about giving that a try this summer on light tackle.
  9. Thanks gellfex. May even be worth my time to practice open water self rescue a bit more before going out too far. What were you targeting in the back creeks? Was it a one person paddles while the other fishes situation? I think managing the rod and drift/wind like you said will be tough -- almost looking for a headcount if anyones had even close to moderate success.
  10. I've got a Mohawk 14 ft solo canoe that I got a while back for river smallie fishing. I recently moved to SE CT where I live a short walking distance a boat launch to some pretty placid saltwater but this area does get hammered with boat traffic. I was planning on trading it in to buy a paddle kayak but thought since I can definitely shell out for a pedal kayak next year maybe I can make the most of what I've got. I'm mostly just wanting some advice -- I know the wind is gonna beat on me but I'm hoping with a double bladed paddle (I use a very long double bladed paddle for this) I can paddle out and fish a few drifts for fluke and scup and get back home in one piece. If it works out maybe even drill in a few cleats near the seat and rig up a sea anchor to the stern. Anyone done anything like this before? Thoughts/advice?
  11. Buddha do you wear the cooler the whole time you're fishing? I've noticed a PVC contraption in your videos could you explain what it is
  12. Bought an Icemule Pro in 23L with which I pack 5 lbs of ice. Bleed the fish on a stringer before packing in ice. Carry a hip pack to carry any tackle I need close at hand. You don't need to lug it around the whole time. Set it down, fish a few dozen yards -- pick it up and set it down again when you have to walk down further. Have the hip pack with me always. As others have mentioned -- there are people out there carrying more in water and equipment in worse terrain -- lets say a day hunt for chukar in the mountains of Nevada. Would be hard pressed to say that though they're bringing home a few calories there's lesser appreciation for the solitude of being out as a result of working out these solutions.
  13. Are suzuki rods like the dialuna going to be a reasonable choice if I want to single jig+jerk shad as well as throw 110-120 sized jerkbaits or would your choice still be a 7-7.5 ft ml/m freshwater rod? Also -- after a few of these comments I'm intrigued by some of the hirame lures like the beach Walker series from duo. Can anyone comment on using these in the north east?
  14. Went togging last Saturday. Pulled up a few shorts but was pretty slow overall. Will be my last outing for tog this spring. Threw some squid hoping for porgy but no action. Saw a guy pull in a slot striper in the afternoon.
  15. Hey all -- just wanted to start by saying I'm new as a member but I've been lurking these boards for a while now. Moved to the north east recently and wanted to learn something new so I've challenged myself to learning something new and tautog on shore has been a blast. I've recently been reading that tautog are predominantly opportunistic sight feeders. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface and there's probably not as much written about them as many other species but it seems that this a habit that has been proposed by biologists and anglers alike. What I'm a bit confused by is that often times when we're fishing for them it's hard to say that using portions of crab offers a lesser opportunity than whole, intact live crabs. In the spring time in some states people have reported that cooked peeled shrimp can often times be an excellent choice of bait! This doesn't seem to "match the hatch" and doesn't seem to provide much in the way of sight. It also seems as if artificials designed to mimic crabs are viewed as mostly ineffective -- both gulp peeler crabs and also a small number of reports using merkin crab flies and crab flies in general seem generate only a lukewarm response. Minnow patterns have been reported to work in the spring but seem to rely on inciting aggression towards egg raiders rather than feeding. Am I over simplifying or over thinking this seeming disparity? Does the sight of an offering or disruption in the water pull them in and the scent/familiarity of the bait get them to bite? Will any of this make me a better tog fisherman or should I just focus on other (numerous) issues with my angling and simplify my bait of choice to the trusty asian/green crab? I like to tinker so I'm thinking about testing this sight vs. scent hypothesis with tipping impressionistic crab/shrimp flies with some cooked shrimp... I've tried my best to google and search sol for this topic -- I really appreciate any opinions on this