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  1. Awesome advice, thanks for your comment
  2. Hey thanks I really appreciate this insight !
  3. Definitely do! I live right on the east river in Williamsburg. Unfortunately without fresh bait (which isn't easy to come by near me) I've had very little luck this year
  4. Anything in particular you recommend I look for ? There's like 70+ miles of coastline I can review on Google maps, plenty accessible by train, was looking for guidance on what I should look for to pick a good surf fishing spot. Or is it basically all the same? Thanks for your comment
  5. Thanks for your comment. Totally understand that nobody will give me there best spots but was looking for broader advice (Long beach is good, far out by Montauk even better, etc) but I will take your advice and find some easily accessible spots from LIRR and just wing it Thanks
  6. I'm a novice fisherman (just started 2 years ago) live in NYC and just quit my job. Am taking a month to myself to live the dream of fishing everyday and just enjoying life. I love surf fishing on Far Rockaway. I have a few good surf rods, a cooler, and a decent amount of spoons / diamond jigs / bucktails / gulp mullet. I've really only surf fished far Rockaway. Would love to expand my horizons. Where in Long Island are the best places to go surfcasting ?? Ideally accessible by the LIRR? Thanks for your time. Joe