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  1. Hi sol looking to unload my tsunami saltx 6000 silver in great condition. Has 20 or 30lb braid i can’t remember. Never used the tool or bailess kit. Only selling because i got a vs200x2 and trqii5500 for my birthday. Never been underwater. I cast from the beach. Please see photos can provide more if needed. Looking to get 260 local (02368) and 270 shipped ppff
  2. Had to have mine sent in can’t wait to get it back
  3. Hey I’ve decided I’m going to hold on to it as my boat reel thanks for the offer. I’ll let you know if i change my mind thanks
  4. Thank you let me sit and think about it and I’ll get back to you. If someone gives you an offer before me please don’t hesitate to sell i would hate to make you lose out on a sale. I will give you an answer by tomorrow thanks john
  5. Could you send pictures and i will think about it a bit.
  6. I’m gonna be using a black hole charter 68. Just got it at the Rhode Island show
  7. This is what i use
  8. I have a spot that i fish that not too many people go. there is this one guy who is nice and minds his own business with some light chit chat. He usually wades from the left and slowly migrated right when it’s getting low tide and in the direction the water is flowing. I usually plug and sometimes chunk but i always stay in my one spot because i don’t wade. There has been so many times where he knows I’m there but keeps moving right sometimes standing in front of me and slowly migrating right. Then he has the nerves to tell me I’m casting next to him and can accidentally hit him. At these points i just want to yell at him and some lol. Some of my buddies has argued with him before. This dude i believe has even cut my line when snagged with him but it is dark and he’s out in the water so i can’t tell for sure. The current is strong and he should be mindful to move further out so we don’t snag. I know i will see him there almost every time i go so i try to keep things civil.
  9. Hi everyone looking to trade a brand new in box Penn torque 2 5500 bailed for a vsx2 100-150 size. Or a comparable size zeebass. The Penn is brand new and loaded with 40lb braid. I am located in randolph ma
  10. All I’ve been thinking about is the first squidding day
  11. Foie gra of the sea
  12. I use a lami carbon surf 9-2 light with saltx 4K for early season and a saltx 10-2 with the 4K or 6k for bigger bass. Both are light and perfect for me. My bigger rods are mainly for chunking. And now looking for something to go with my vsx2 200. Hopefully i get the rotor replaced by may
  13. I have both 4K and 6k for 2 years no maintenance rarely washed as I’m lazy and no issues. But i only throw plugs standing on the beach no dunking or anything. Just like fishing with a shiny reel haha
  14. Thanks brother but I’m looking for a spin rod
  15. Randolph ma