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  1. You and I both know it's true. You're not that dumb Feel free to do your own research big boy
  2. Our talks are always the best
  3. Hahahaha, the irony. Do you have mirrors in your house?
  4. Statistics lol What kind of mental gymnastics did you have to go through to reach your conclusion? Must have been a lot Although, you guys want control over their bodies, so I don't know why I'm surprised you can't admit the undeniable fact that they're paid less. Ignorance is bliss.
  5. I'm just against insurrectionists I guess in 2022 this is now a controversial stance
  6. AOC will be more popular, don't worry bud
  7. You're the sheep, not us
  8. Gotcha, so you're pro coup attempts?
  9. When logic fails you, Resort to insults, It's the Republican way. I wrote you a poem
  10. You and I both know what would have happened if they got their hands on Pelosi, Pence or AOC or someone. They were shouting it themselves Animals
  11. The human mind is an interesting thing. One can convince themselves of something no matter how ridiculous it is. When you forcibly enter the capital, try to kill elected officials, and stop the transition of power that's a coup attempt. Plain and simple. You don't need zip ties for a peaceful protest
  12. It was a coup attempt. Can we just stop with the denial stuff at this point? Anyone who denies this with what we know now is delusional and should seek help from a medical provider immediately.
  13. lol
  14. Adult rebuttals? You sure you know what that is? You say I'm childish. You're the one whose flinging out insults because you disagree with me C'mon man..... Try to be less emotional. Emotions can get in the way of logic, common sense, ect.....
  15. Well they also get paid significantly less