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  1. Will do. Thank you!
  2. I don't specifically know that about my neighbors, but there are people that like him here. That's a whole different topic altogether. For example, we live in a polarized world. There are men, women, liberals, MGTOWs and whole lot of others besides black and white or brown for that matter. I just find it easier to maneuver in today's world with so much differences (I could be waking up with two Finnish blondes in a hut in Goa like it's no one's business if I wasn't already committed) Though I'm going to marry a European (an Irish woman), we have so much difference in opinion as I'm into weapon right's and hunting (and fishing off course)....
  3. I will try to do that. I had people look for him. He had a collar, but not a name/contact on it. Will do anything to find him. He's just as important the person that I'm marrying in a couple of weeks, except no one else thinks the same here
  4. Never expected that a dog would go missing. My bad
  5. Yes, this is in India. I don't think we have dog catchers anymore (at least there one of those reasons to thank the feminists and SJWs). Not a chance of wild pigs where we live, though Bairava is a hound that was used to hunt pigs. The locals mentioned that the hunters (not legal anymore) might have taken him....
  6. He's got a collar, but next time I'll make sure that there's a contact number and an address. Great advice and thanks!
  7. He's not neutered. Last weekend when I was there, he couldn't keep his pink Popsicle inside. I really hope that it was that that's keeping him out, but he's usually at the gate when my mom goes out to pick milk.
  8. Luckily, most of my neighbors are Muslims (I'm Hindu) and they don't eat dogs.
  9. He jumped off the wall of our property last Wednesday. Thank you! I will...
  10. Can he be just lost? Or could he be just mating? I don't know. Please let me know of the possibilities....
  11. He's two! I didn't want to put him on the leash all the time and he's a hound and jumps off the compound wall (fence) anytime he wants.
  12. No. I should have done that if that was an option here. I will definitely do that going forward. Thank you for letting me know!
  13. Bairava's in my hometown with my parents. I have asked my mom to have people look for him, but I will be combing the neighborhood for him when I get there this Friday.
  14. Will do. Thank you!
  15. I don't think so, but will double check. No, people don't eat dogs here, knowingly at least. At this point I'm having a hard time to think if he was run over by a truck or that he's lost and living a stray