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  1. Thank you! I came to the shore this week, which is an 8 hours drive for me and the weather hasn't cooperated yet. I am planning to launch the raft sometime later this week. I dumped the fuel from the carburetor after the initial break-in period and I have looked up carb cleaning videos as well and they seem too intense for me, but I think I can learn. Will keep everyone posted on how this goes along with the fishing it offers, mainly from under the bridges and around the mangroves outback. Maruthu
  2. Thank you and I am planning to do exactly that. In the meanwhile, I have bought another motor. A Suzuki 2.5 HP 4 stroke petrol outboard motor. And I'm going out for a week to the shore and I'm planning to spend some decent amount of time in the back bays Cheers, Maruthu
  3. Might be too late....
  4. Yes, it is definitely interesting. I never had any of my catch stolen except for once when a cat took off with a fish I landed. I saw a video of someone in Australia landing a barramundi that was eaten by a crocodile. Except, the crock just didn't stay in the water.
  5. Thank you! I'll see if I could get them here locally. If not I might go with the plywood for now. Maruthu
  6. Thank you for the input. What I meant by mounting plate was the thingy that you put the motor on to and clamp. Here's a pic of the motor mount for the raft and you can see that there's no room for me to work on to install the wheels. As you suggested, I shall go with the plywood route. Cheers, Maruthu
  7. Thank you for the input gentlemen! I don't think I will be able to install something like that in the car at this point, but from what I understand I am going to lay the motor on the back seat during transport. For some reason, I thought that the prop was delicate. As of now, I picked a towel rack and placed the motor on top of it and it sits just fine :-) Cheers, Maruthu
  8. Greetings, I recently bought an Intex mariner 4 inflatable boat and have also bought the motor mount and a 1.5 HP trolling motor. The problem I am having now is that I am not able to lift the boat from stern after mounting the trolling motor as it blocks the grab handle. I was looking at easier options to move the boat and I came across this video where they attach wheels to the mounting place for easy transportation (please refer the video linked below for a better idea on what I am trying to achieve). Even if I have to get the wheels installed myself, the mounting plate I currently have does not have any room left for me to work with (it's a small plate). So, the only option I think is to fabricate a bigger mounting plate for the motor, so that there is more space for me to attach the wheels. I am completely new to boating and I have no idea as to what material I should be using to make a mounting plate. I am thinking of using a plywood and have it cut and holes drilled to do the job, but would like to check with experienced people to see if the plywood will even hold up for this kind of use and will water damage the plywood within a couple of sessions of usage or so. Any advise on this would be great and thanks a lot for any help on this topic. Cheers, Maruthu
  9. Greetings, I bought an Intex mariner 4 inflatable boat and also have a 1.5 HP trolling motor for it. I am currently storing the trolling motor it in the box it came with and it's a bit cumbersome to take it out and put it back in the box. Is there a better way to store the motor with the propeller held safe? Also, while transporting in the car (I have a small car), I am wrapping the propeller in a towel or so to prevent damage at this point and I am placing it on the back seat of the car and I think there must be a better way to do this. Please let me know if there is a better way or something that would hold it all in place securely, with easy access. I am completely new to boating and have no idea and any lead would be great for me on this topic at this point. Pics are great as well Thank you all for your inputs! Cheers, Maruthu
  10. Thank you! They all have their charm. I still love fishing for Snakeheads (we have 4 different species around here) while the Mahseer are just hanging around right there Maruthu
  11. Thank you Sweetwater! I'll try what you mentioned and spend more time by the water to get the hang of it. Maruthu
  12. Thanks again gentlemen for the responses. I understand that casting lighter lures with beefier bait casters is going to be a problem. I am casting something around 7 to 10 grams and sometimes with a little wind on the face. I bought the Komodo 364 SS for targeting groupers and such in the salt, but I am not able to get there because of the lockdown and I am now mostly fishing freshwater until things get better, hopefully sometime soon. And yes I am glad to be able to fish during these times.... The Mahseer we have in our rivers can get very big and fight very very hard and will mostly take small lures around 3 inches. I've been mostly catching small ones, but occasionally fish over 10# hit my lures and are tough to land. Here's a video from a week or so ago where I was fishing a light 6'6" Shimano Teramar Southeast inshore rod rated for 3/8 to 5/8 oz lures and 8 to 14# line, paired to a Shimano SLX 151HG reel. It was working like a charm for casting casting and being able to work top water lures. See the second fish, must only be a 10# or so and in this case opened up the hooks, but even otherwise, with a light setup they are hard to land. Like Sweet Water mentioned, I need more gear and in this case something like an 8' rod and a Shimano Stradic 5000 would be amazing, but I am planning on just using what I have at the moment. I might not even be fishing freshwater much once I am able to get to the ocean. So, I am going to carry both my light setup and the heavier one with the Okuma Komodo 364SS and work it out by the water. I guess with a little more time by the water, I might be a bit more comfortable with the new reel as well. And here's what happened with my last trip (you can see what the second one I hook into does)....
  13. I'm casting very small and light freshwater lures and that is making it more difficult. I think I just should fish it more to get the hang of it then. Will definitely share reports once the lockdown is over, but that might be a while.... Maruthu
  14. No, this is also called Wallago Attu. A freshwater catfish species
  15. I've got two centrifugal brake blocks on as well. The funny thing about baitcasters and the Komodo 364SS is that, I find the Abu 6500's an awful lot easier to cast than this beast, but then again if my Abus got the job done in the first place, I wouldn't be having a Komodo sitting on my rod. LOL.... Thanks to them orange spotted groupers, but I got to wait till the lockdown and the travel restrictions are over before I get to the shore. I the mean while, I am fishing sweetwater like never before and I surprisingly am liking it for a salty Maruthu