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  1. Anyone have any idea what this is or any info on it?
  2. This is hilarious, I feel like this is actually how it is
  3. The whole rule list is a joke lol. They need to change the whole system
  4. Nah I don’t believe they sold out yet it was a joke
  5. Thats why I posted it lol a little satire never hurt anyone.
  6. Permits for the 2023 MSFV sold out last night at 12:01 AM. Half were purchased by 18-27 year olds who intend to drink on the beach and leave their garbage. These folk likely will be going to the beach with the permit once the entire year to “impress” their friends. The other half were purchased by those with anti-fishing agendas. Sorry to those who did not get one. We should all move out of NJ. This is reminder to get one, don’t freak out yet get one before it happens.
  7. I don’t want to go over 300 but would like to keep it in the 200-250 range
  8. I have an 8k on another 10 ft for chunking and it’s huge. I know penns are larger reels for the most part, would the difference be significant? I don’t want to over size too much
  9. I’m an 11 in everything and I size up to a 12 in Korkers, I suggested the same to multiple people and they agreed. True size korkers are way too tight, especially with a pair of warm socks
  10. I have a 10 ft 3/4-4 oz Striped Bass Special for black hole. I unfortunately don’t have the money for a VS nor will I be fishing so much with the rod that I will need one. Does anyone have some suggestions on a good reel and size to pair? Thanks in advance. I will be throwing plugs with the rod
  11. I wear one size up on these, theyre great and this is a steal
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