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  1. ßump
  2. Interested in lighter 9-10 ft blanks maybe some plugs (if that’s allowed in here) or asking 200 meet up raritan area nj
  3. New or used
  4. Grs

    Respectfully offer 200 shipped
  5. Grs

    Pic isnt opening
  6. Respectfully offer 100 for 3,14 and 22. If not I will take 3 and 14
  7. No worries, thank you for showing them! Apologies about the delay.
  8. How much are you asking for this blue one
  9. I am looking to buy a CCW or a few, nothing specific, interested to see what is around.
  10. interested in the swimmers where are you located?
  11. Finally picked up a lathe and some ayc, going to try turning tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions on a respirator, dont want to go too crazy just something simple to protect my lungs. Thanks in advance!
  12. Cyclones table was sold out quick, it was my second stop maybe 2 minutes after they opened and by the time I got to the front of his line he had like 5 left these are the two I picked up
  13. I left at like 11 and Dmag still wasn’t sold out, he was my first and last stop. I was like number 25 in line and I was the second person at his table
  14. Never thought to make a UL on a fly blank, you might be on to something, might have to try this
  15. I second this, I need a truck and am going to try to buy the trd or new, just makes sense in the current market