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  1. Shimano JDM makes some great travel rods, they all fit in airline carryon bins
  2. Your Stradic FL sounds fine, mine sounds the same way. If you listen closely the whining/scraping sound is present in both your video and mine, but in my recording there's an additional grindy sound which is what is giving me pause. It's certainly not buyer's remorse, I want a TP FD no question about it, but I want a TP FD that does not come with clear concerns about possible defectiveness. I have a Stradic, Spheros and Saragosa and none of them sounded anywhere close to the TP out of the box
  3. @Inshore it is a whining/scraping sound but there's also a grinding noise almost like multiple gear teeth all hitting against some object or surface. I wouldn't be concerned about the whining/mild scraping alone, I just turned my Stradic C5000XG and it makes that kind of noise but doesn't have the same concerning grinding noise
  4. Does it mean the bearing is in bad shape or just needs a little more grease? I'm probably not going to take it apart and try to grease it myself, so would just send it back if that were the case
  5. JDM is exactly where I was considering getting them
  6. I think I'll still try to get the seller to work something out and likely send it back because the sound that mine is making is definitely still worse than what I hear in the video. There's a grinding type of scraping, unlike the surface level scraping that I hear in the video. Is it better to get a Vanquish instead? I'd be using it mainly for throwing light jigs for seabass, so just mainly concerned with sealing and saltwater resistance/durability.
  7. Is the Vanquish 5000 good for throwing light jigs for seabass? Will it hold up to saltwater? Is the XG or HG version more preferable? Considering picking one up and also interested in comparing alternatives. I've heard the Certate LT is good, but a bit concerned that the MagSeal is hard to maintain.
  8. I looked up some YouTube videos of Twin Power FD unboxing and it seems like other reels have the exact same "scraping" noise, although the one I was sent seems to have it slightly worse
  9. Got a brand new JDM TP FD C5000XG and installed the handle, right away there seems to be a scraping noise when I turn the handle when the spool reaches the bottom of its oscillation cycle. This isn't normal right? I've already gotten in touch with the seller (North-One) about a refund/exchange but would also appreciate this community's thoughts on what exactly is causing it/what I can/should do about it. Thanks! video-007ff177-9fc8-4df4-8bcb-95ec65aede3d-1662159267.mp4
  10. TTT, will entertain direct offers as well for the rod
  11. Hi SOL, Got a new Lamiglas Infinity ISS 92 HS up for trade. Completely new in original packaging, bubble wrap and tags. Reel seat is completely clean and never had a reel mounted. Would be looking for a new condition Daiwa Lateo Mobile 96M (4 piece) and cash to cover the difference. Reason for letting this one go is that I have way too many salmon steelhead rods and this one has just been sitting for over a year. I don't yet have a 4pc rod and interested in one for portability purposes as I plan to travel and try some fishing spots out of state soon Specs/Description: 9'2", 2 Piece, 12 - 25 lb. Line, 1/2 - 2 oz. Weight, Fast Action, Heavy Power, Spinning Rod Polished graphite finish with striking green trim and smooth graphite handle. Fuji Titanium guides and Fuji double locking reel seat. USA Made from start to finish Picture of what the Infinity series looks like is attached
  12. I ended up finding a new Shimano Twin Power C5000XG off a reputable JDM site for an absolute steal (paid $280). Hopefully ends up being the right decision thanks everyone!! These JDM prices are kind of insane to be honest, and the fact that the Twin Power C5000XG is also sold in the US should make it feasible to service should I need to
  13. Thanks both! Sounds like Stradic may be the way to go then ... any other reels I should be looking at for the use case?
  14. Hi SOL, Looking into getting one of these two reels, would be pairing it with a Lamiglas Infinity 9'2 heavy spinning rod. Plan to throw 1-1.5 oz jigs and Texas rigged swimbaits on it here in Cali, off the rocks for rockfish and also in the surf for perch/halibut/etc. Which reel would be better?
  15. 4th if all others fall through