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  1. Believe he is referring to this: https://hyannisnews.com/hyannis-massachusetts-watch-hyannis-marine-rescue-all-six-squid-fishermen-safe-after-vessel-takes-on-water/
  2. Is it heading east?
  3. Sure looks like an old I-beam on the left. Have always wondered how much material =is down there from its construction etc,.
  4. Cant say ive ever heard of this. But after about 15 min of staring its safe to say the fish are back. Here toggy toggy! Apparently its in 22 feet of water somewhere near MMA.
  5. Cant say ive ever seen water temp in ACK sound take such a nosedive in the Spring. The fish are probably feeling the same way we are!
  6. Having Cedric stay on set after the call was so awesome. Made me stay up way too late
  7. Loving it more every day, especially with these gas prices!
  8. Just splashed for her 47th season of catching fish.
  9. So how do we think this is gonna play out... No mater how rich you are, $7.00 still has to hurt based on principle!
  10. How can they get away with charging 50 cents more per gallon than places within a couple miles. Highway robbery I guess
  11. Judging by the webcam, it looks like they just keep multiplying!
  12. For those interested in baked goods, the new Greek Caffeina Cafe at the old Marylous near Sandwich Marina has a pretty good selection. I still miss ML but this will do
  13. It looked commercial to me
  14. Was in the right place at the right time - about 10 min after it happened
  15. Looked commercial to me. Trailer had too many rollers and not enough tie downs.