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  1. Respectfully, I'm keeping it available at asking price.
  2. This is why I love my Vedaoo sling, $cott built in a beer sleeve.
  3. Lawn cast once, never touched water. Just not the right line for my rod. $55 shipped to continental US.
  4. In, but you wouldn't catch me dead there on opening day.
  5. Galluop's pattern names are juvenile and stupid, no doubt. But I guess none of you guys are climbers. Hundreds of route names that make Galloup's worst sound like nursery rhyme verses.
  6. Reservoir is about as low as I've ever seen it right now.
  7. 300% increase for all resident stamps/permits seems out of whack to me.
  8. Going kind of old school this year, tying up a bunch of patterns from Salt Water Flies (1972). Blondes, seaducers, keel flies, some interesting crab patterns.
  9. I've got a new Wulff Saltwater Triangle Taper floating 8 weight line. Spooled up and lawn casted, never fished, never seen water. Want to trade for a similar condition Rio InTouch Striper floating 8 weight.
  10. Do all you savages really leave the band on your smokes?
  11. Those Aging Room Nics are so good I ordered a box.
  12. One bump before it goes to auction
  13. rigged eel, pm coming.
  14. 12 wt still available
  15. PM me payment details.