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  1. I get the need for ads and appreciate that the site is free. The current ad strategy is pretty aggravating, layering multiple ads on top of another, but I'll scroll past ads and dismiss them to get at content. But that's only because I've been here for a while. If I was a new visitor and encountered the page (below) I saw this morning when I logged in, there is 0% chance I'd come back. Take that for what it's worth.
  2. Doppleganger, stogies, and brookies
  3. I've used Patagonia and Fishpond. Ditched them both, now use only Vedavoo. A Beast in the salt and a Seam for trout. Local business owned by a stand-up guy. I especially like that the strap goes over my left shoulder, leaving my casting arm completely unhindered.
  4. Julius ready to hitch a ride in my sling. New purchasing system is great. Less than 15 minutes in line waiting to pick up my order yesterday.
  5. Not a fan. Had problems on both a VS (once their top-of the line spinner) and a Salina. Anti-reverse craps out when wet. And I don't mean when it takes a dunking, I mean fishing in the rain. Maybe they've addressed this, but too many better options to take another chance for me.
  6. Yeats is among my favorite poets, but when someone kicks off a fly fishing seminar by quoting the old Irishman you fear you're gonna be held captive by a pedant for the next hour. Definitely not the case with Steve's Wet Flies 101 session! He showed William Butler some love, then spent the next 59 minutes sharing his knowledge on tying, rigging, and presenting wets. Even threw in some history for good measure. Outstanding seminar. Thanks Steve, wish I had a chance to introduce myself or catch your other sessions during the weekend, but I had a very short window. (Did squeeze in a run back to the show floor to grab some 6# maxima and Hughes' book.)
  7. I'll take the Horizon shipped for asking price.
  8. Not at this point, maybe if it sits for another week.
  9. $350 plus actual shipping. No transducer/power cord. Used maybe a dozen times and stored inside when not in use. Includes Navionics+ marine and lakes card (installed) and padded cover. Navionics card alone is $150 retail!
  10. My wife's a geriatric NP and instructor in nursing program at UMASS med. PM inbound.
  11. I have the white horse, got them cheap. I use them 50/50 salt and fresh. The Boa closure can be a b*tch to release. Haven't had any other issues, but I feel like it's just a matter of time. Would much prefer regular laces.
  12. Lots of paddling tops (which is basically what the Montauk is) available at reasonable prices if you look. Try the big outdoor shops like EMS, REI...
  13. Triple threats are awesome on rock, weed, a slippery river rock. Careful though, I had the detachable sole get ripped off when my boot got stuck in the muck on a mud flat.