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  1. You will have an issue sooner or later. Kast king braid is unreliable. I’ve used it before and it is the worst. Smells weird, bleeds on your fingers and the dye they use is like a sharpie on your fingers, and you’d better not use it on a rod with stainless guides because it is like a saw and will cut a groove in the guides. At least the superpower braid from them will. It breaks at least 3-5 pounds under stated strength when brand new. Used 50 pound for togging and it broke on the rocks so easily. You’d say that’s just because it’s braid though, because it’s not abrasion resistant. But the other day I went out with 20 pound spider wire ultra cast and caught about 15-20 tog and never had one break off. Same spots, same terminal tackle. 4 feet of 30 pound fluoro leader. Spider wire was visibly damaged after I was done but I never broke off like I did with KK. I’m a bit biased against 4 strand braids because I just simply don’t like them but they have their place and kast king is simply not a good braid. Just want to warn against that stuff. Lost some nice tog because of their line having weak spots in it. I like to stick with name brand braids like spider wire and 832. I know they’re strong and I have some peace of mind while fighting big fish. I do have a reel spooled up with 40 pound kast king for dropping lake trout back down to the depth I hooked them at when I go laker fishing. Works good for that. But for actual fishing I like 832 or SW UC.
  2. Here’s some lake trout I made Just fried it. Easy to cook. Used saltines for half and some beer batter stuff from BPS for the other half, and fried it in olive oil. I’ll tell you what, it’s not that bad. Not my favorite, but not nearly as bad as the guys I fish with say they are. The meat is yellow, just like the guy I fish with told me. When it’s done the meat turns white and flakey. Fish was about 18-20”. This is gonna sound weird, but it almost tastes like a pancake. I think it’s the crackers I used. Soaked it in milk overnight, not fishy at all really. If I get one that gets gut hooked and is going to die while I’m out lake trout fishing I’ll keep it but it’s not a fish I’d set out to keep. Glad I got to try it.
  3. How is the customer service at daiwa? I have a 2500 feugo that I use for smallmouth/walleye/light inshore that’s less than a month old and is having all sorts of problems. Normally I can fix them myself, but I’m not used to working on daiwa reels, I mostly service penn reels. I’ve noticed on the lt reels that whenever you take the rotor off, the clutch sleeve comes out stuck to the rotor and creates a huge headache for me, because now I have to reassemble the AR too. The reason I wanted to open the reel was because it had gotten a little noisy and not as smooth, and I just wanted to put some grease on the gear and oil the bearings and whatnot. I opened it up finally and greased it a little and oiled some bearings and put it back together and it felt terrible. So I took it apart again and reassembled it again and now it felt like a gear was clunking or something. That stopped and it felt normal again and I went fishing today. I understand a reel gets rougher over time, but something is wrong. It is stupid loud. It sounds like something that isn’t metal is rubbing up against something. The line roller was noisy too, despite oiling it. There was also a gap in the line roller where my line would catch sometimes that wasn’t there before. I am 100% sure nothing fell out of the line roller assembly when I opened it. And when I hooked onto a fish it was very difficult to crank the handle, felt super tight until the tension lessened. I’ve put some big fish on this reel and used it for stuff that it shouldn’t be used for, like ripping tog out of the rocks and some smaller-lure musky fishing. Even got some nicer lake trout on it. It worked just fine until I opened it. Didn’t take any parts out, except the AR assembly. Never took the main gear or pinion out. So, to get to it, is the customer service at daiwa any good? I remember hearing about them having terrible customer service and not fixing the reel at all when it was sent in. I’m at the point where I don’t want to work on it myself and I want to leave it to the experts. I’m just worried that they’ll just slap some grease on there and call it a day like some of the stories I’ve heard. With no tension on the reel it feels just fine, like a reel that’s been used. A little rough, but ok. Once you have a plug on there, you feel a knocking in the reel, a loud grind if you can call it that, and it’s just unpleasant to use. Sorry for the long read. It’s just a PITA when a reel I bought on May 2nd is already pooping out. And it could be my fault, but I have no idea what I could have put back together wrong. Thanks
  4. So he was basically watching porn. In public. Most people don’t see that as porn but still. He was that addicted to it he watched it that much?
  5. Saying somebody got “shocked real bad” doesn’t have the same ring to it as saying somebody got electrocuted. This thread… oof. I’m ok with forgetting about this thread forever lol. Got some insight into the trades though. So I guess something positive came out of this overall horrid thread lol
  6. Skin so soft was a lifesaver down in Florida. I was getting killed by noseeums on a pier one day and a guy said “try this” and handed me a packet of skin so soft. Smelled good and absolutely worked. It was incredible. Still have scars from that day. Have a bottle from 2019 that I rarely use because I’ve been lucky with bugs for the past couple years and haven’t needed it.
  7. Owner Mutu circles are great hooks. I use the 3/0 and 4/0 with fleas when I fish for stripers off of jetties and for live lining. Strong, sharp, and relatively cheap if I remember correctly. Maryland requires non offset circle hooks while bait fishing for stripers, so I use the tournament ones. Like Wok167 said, if you can use an offset hook depends on the place you are fishing. I think most places are inline hooks only.
  8. Which river monsters episode, if you know? I personally wouldn’t ever want to travel down to South America, or out of the North America for fishing in general. That’s why I watch river monsters. Jeremy Wade travels for me lol. Don’t like the idea of having to weave around snakes and getting some tropical disease from a bug all because I’m trying to catch some big fish. I like it just fine here on the east coast. Plenty of big fish here. Maybe I’d go to Canada. I think the jungle is too much for me lol... I bet it’s beautiful down there though.
  9. Lol, I agree with that!!!
  10. Sheepshead are absolutely amazing. One of my favorite saltwater fish to eat.
  11. This is exactly how I feel about salmon. You can’t go to a grocery store fish section without seeing salmon. It’s just not that great IMO.
  12. He's plotting to steal the fish right off of your line!
  13. Already has. At least in freshwater. Went trout fishing a week ago. Caught plenty. Went out yesterday to catch some trout after the 100-degree weekend and nobody caught anything. Water temp rose 9 degrees in less than 48 hours. Messed them up. Went from around 58 to 67 at the hottest. Now it's down to 63 last I checked. Time to switch back to walleyes and smallmouth! The other day I helped net a 5-pound smallmouth. 21 1/2". Massively fat. Biggest I've seen landed.
  14. They got washed into a river that is at max 10 feet deep. Once the water gets to 66-70 degrees it will be the end for them. The hole I found is around 4-5 feet deep.
  15. Anybody have any experience with lake trout? I’m asking here because I’ve heard a lot of guys hate it. I’ve recently found a hole full of 20”-30” lakers and the water is going to heat up and kill them. I’ve been giving them away but I might keep one for myself. A guy I fish with said they have yellow meat. But I figure they’re worth trying, right?