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  1. start with a danny #3. they are proably the most veritile. The depth of the plug is largely determinded on where your through hole comes out of. The higher it is the deep your plug swims. The lower it is the shallower it swims.
  2. Do you epoxy them while they are on the spinner or before you put them onto the spinner?
  3. Hi all, I wanted to get insight on lip placement. Specifically on high, low, and mid slot #3 danny lips. How does each effect the action? Also, for off set drilling, do you guys still drill on the lathe? Thanks
  4. Your definitely correct. I moved onto a different epoxy. I did a coat of paint with the matte and etex, it worked perfectly. Not going to waste my time anymore with the other epoxy
  5. Createx. I just tried the rusto matte. Definitely helped a lot but it’s still separating. I’m going to try envirotex and see what happens
  6. This helps a lot. So you paint, clear it, sand, then epoxy?
  7. With the envirotex do u still use the matte finish?
  8. It looks as if I never brushed the spot I brushed.
  9. What do you normally use or recommend?
  10. This is not mine, but im am using the same exact setup.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm using a BBQ rotisserie to dry my plugs. I through wire them so its epoxied into the plug. From there i attach it to springs and have them laying horizontal while drying. I'm using super glaze epoxy and have tried multiple application techniques. I have used foam brush and plastic bristle brushes. Is there ay advice that anyone has on this to get the epoxy to lay even? Also, when using this style rotisserie, how does every one apply the epoxy on the front and back? Does everyone coat the back first, then let it dry, and then a second coat on the belly? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you all
  12. Does anyone know if RuRu is selling plugs other than shows? it seems is website isnt up.
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