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  1. i have a 3 tube flatlander (packed lightly). Enough space to get my plugs out clean and not over stuffed. Also have the option to pack more if I'm super insecure for the night lol. I also have a 2 tube that I can pack my greatest hits and if im not traveling far.
  2. They still suck.
  3. I use plastic hardware/organizer cases from harbor freight. loaded up in milk crate.
  4. For me, VSX150 paired with Lami Carbon Surf 10' LCS10MS. Perfectly balanced and handles all of my fishing needs.
  5. always send to your work address.....always...
  6. My backup is a Penn battle 3 (6000) on a 11' Air wave elite. This would be a better option?
  7. I will be fishing more of Montauk and Block island this fall. I currently set up with a VSX150 on a 10' Lami (mod-fast). Am I going to be underpowered or just fine? Thanks in advance!
  8. I agree with this statement!
  9. Z belt has been great so far.
  10. I just did the same with my surf rite bag. can fit so much more now. wish i did it sooner.
  11. Thanks for the info. I think it's time to upgrade my tools. I purchased used and they do feel cheap (i think they are HF).
  12. How often do you sharpen your lathe tools? I find mine get dull kind of quick. Wondering if that the norm.
  13. Shop local! If you can....
  14. I bought one at the end of last season. absolutely beautiful rod. Paired with my VS150. Tons of action and if you have wrist issues like me, you can cast for hours at a time. Price is right as well.