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  1. Didn't that moron Schiff(and others) say their was "actual evidence" of obstruction and/or collusion? Why won't they show proof? What are they hiding?
  2. IN
  3. Absolute heart wrenching, gut wrenching experience for him. Could never imagine and won't even try to think about it. For him to still be here. Standing tall. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Nick
  4. I'm off tomorrow. Once kids in bed , gonna sit down with a good drink and watch CNN, MSNBC and their Ilk. Maybe madcow will cry again. Gonna be great. Who's on at night on CNN? Cooper? If so....great! Lol. DVR is set. Hhhmmm..... Bourbon or whiskey? Hhmm. Decisions decisions.
  5. Fuq yeah Glorious!
  6. Google T Rex rat traps. Add peanut butter. Bang!!
  7. Lol. Yeah all those sub compact guns are a handful. I've shot the Sig's, Glock 26, 43. Springfield XDs. It comes down to finger thickness, palm thickness. What's good for one may suck for another.
  8. Crazy time. I use that as an example when people talk about being complecent with regard to security. Those 2 men shut down one of America's largest cities for days. Imagine what 50 well trained well organized men can do?
  9. SxS take me back to much simpler days. The Stevens was my dad's. He's been gone now a couple years. I have a pheasant on the wall he shot with that gun. He'd let me carry/drag it when Mom finally allowed me to tag along with him. It's a work horse. Double triggers. M/F barrels. Shoots too tight with birdshot but it loves #1buck. The Ithaca belonged to my uncle. He's still around but his hunting days are done. It's got M/F barrels that I'm gonna get the chokes opened up for woodcock and or quail. Probably skeet/IC. I would beg him for years to let me use it. He never let me. Lol. When my dad passed he gave it too me. My kids both hunt so I'm sure one of them will fall in love with it. I'll never sell those guns. Those 2 and a Sears Roebucks 16ga pump that belonged to my grandfather will always be in my house. Could never sell them.
  10. Yeah those Ithaca pumps can be very light. Too light. But they are awesome guns.
  11. I have an Ithaca 20ga SxS as well. Also a Stevens 311 in 12ga. Both have hard plastic butt plates. Yeah they can bite. I don't think I've ever shot 3" shells in the 20. The Stevens only shoots 2 3/4". I've rolled a few deer with it using buckshot.
  12. Great thing about kids. They always leave gifts. Found a cookie bar and a bottle of half consumed water back there the other day. Score! It hit the spot!
  13. Worst gun I ever fired was a synthetic stocked Mossberg pump gun. 3" foster slug. The barrel was a thin barreled smoothbore 18" barrel. Probably only weighed 6 1/2lb. After a couple seasons I sold it. Lol.
  14. He, me and plugchucker are usually the only ones there. It's a little south of pic a lilli on 206. Not sure if it's shamong or hammonton.