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  1. Just because bad guy changes direction doesn't mean law enforcement can't use deadly force. Once deadly force is initiated you don't stop until the threat is no longer a threat. Other officers(from the side and rear) were defending the officer in front of the vehicle. They have a right to defend themselves and others. Vehicles kill way more people than guns. Good shoot.
  2. No idea what we're talking about from 2 years ago. Lol. Sorry man. Lol
  3. Gay and minority are prerequisites to get a job at CNN.
  4. .308/7.62 blanks
  5. As soon as I saw the title of this thread I knew exactly which commercial it was about. Lol. I don't have daughters so it's good in my opinion but could see how it would start a conversation that's best suited for mom to have with a daughter.
  6. George Carlin Jim Breuer Chappelle Ron White Bert Kreischer Sebastian Maniscalco
  7. Go big! Lol
  8. You love yourself some Brown sugar. Come on. Be honest! Hahaha.
  9. Camden aquarium and a cheesesteak from Donkeys is a must. With that said.... daytime only. Even I don't go there at night. Lol
  10. Reading terminal Italian Market 9th st. DiBrunos Ralph's restaurant. If they want the full tourist/cheesesteak experience Geno's and Pat's and a block from the Italian Market area. But we usually go in the morning. Not sure how busy (or not) it is at night.
  11. Yep. Teams can carry 80-90 players. Need bodies for scout teams. Lol. Also coaches will bring in past players, coaches kids, former players kids to make a few bucks. They know full well they ain't making the roster but can make $8-15k a week for 4-6 weeks. Put some coin in their pocket. A practice squad player I think gets $8k a week for 20 weeks. Not bad $$ to play a kids game. Lol.
  12. I love animals!, They're delicious!
  13. It's fun hearing and seeing the liberal snowflakes. They cried and railed when Tebow took a knee for religious freedoms. Kaperdik does it for a false agenda and they wet themselves with joy saying it's his right. The last 5 years one of those guys has raised money worldwide for countries. One of these guys has stayed on a true, faithful, honest path to help people where needed while passing on a positive outlook on life and making the best of what life gives you. The other guy is Colin kapdipshit. And liberals are shocked at which one is being given another opportunity to be part of a professional franchise. Can't make it up.