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  1. His pic is top, front and center on Fox. Good job CNN. Stay classy.
  2. Checked CNN. Still no pic of shooter. Lol. But they are triggered by the term "scope laser". Lol. Where do they sell those? LOL
  3. Just checked CNN. Clicked 5 different links. Not one mentioned the shooters name even though it's been posted elsewhere. Definitely not white. Lol.
  4. The fact that they haven't shown a pic(I haven't checked in the last hour) tells me it wasn't a white dude. Lol. If it was they would have had his pic along with first middle and last name.
  5. Great gun. Great seller. Buy with confidence. Not gonna find a deal like this on this model.
  6. Because it's the popular thing to do right now..... Blame Trump Blame a red hat Blame whitey.
  7. Trump will be blamed for this. If he already hasn't. Lol
  8. My dad passed in May 17'. It's tough. Heard one of his favorite songs yesterday and for the first time I didn't tear up. Just smiled and looked up. Lots of thoughts about coulda woulda should spent more time with him. More time for my boys with him. Telling my boys (8 & 12 then) was the single hardest thing I have ever had to do.
  9. Thank God it sold. Only reason I didn't jump is we are in between fences. Current fence is down and new fence being put in next month. My boys are itching for a dog. Lol. Got a wma(Medford) 10 minutes from my house. Leaning towards a Brittany or Springer as we are in a townhouse and prefer a medium sized dog. Don't have the property to let a lab or gsp run free. Lol Good luck to all involved. Good stuff. Nick
  10. Vortex scout II. 2-7x. Cost around $200. It'll cover 99% of what you need.
  11. Happy birthday dude
  12. Gotta figure out whether you want a red dot sight or go with a scope. Once that's done, budget will determine purchase.
  13. Exactly. He didn't go all Rice or Mixon on her. I bet that girl has been roughed up harder in the bedroom or backseat. Lol