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  1. Damn. Hope all goes as you wish. Damn.
  2. One of the best semi autos made. I have one. Best of luck with it.
  3. Have her face the wall. Just take a minute.
  4. Dang. Just seeing this. Hope all is well. Positive thoughts. Nick
  5. Always going to be critics with all the tactics. I know a guy who hates xbows here in Jersey but hunts pa deer with 300 win mag and his shots are generally 70 yards. Lol. I always tell him I'll respect his opinion when he starts using an iron sighted 30-30. Lol Heard a guy at Cheyenne complaining about guys using smokeless muzzleloaders, scopes, etc instead of "traditional" muzzleloaders. I would love to be shooting a compound again but I'd be drawing 45-50lb. My shot placement and shot choice would be limited. I know with the energy the xbow produces I have more options. With a bow I'm shooting 25-30 yards. Xbow I'm shooting 35-40. I've never taken shot (on game)beyond 37 yards with either. I'm also not confident shooting a mechanical head with a compound then I am with an xbow. My Mathews shot 285fps. My xbow shoots 385fps. FOR ME I feel I need to use the most efficient equipment I can to make a quick humane kill. I feel I'm not doing that if I'm using a low poundage bow. Right now for me it's an xbow, big 2 blade mechanical head. It produces big gaping holes in these little critters. Lol
  6. Absolutely. Very nice.
  7. Those Ravin xbows are no joke. Way above my budget but I have shot them and they are insanely accurate.
  8. The elk tag drawing for pa is actually this afternoon. I always apply. Lol. I've got better odds of being run over but ya gotta try. Lol
  9. Uuugghhh. Just about dry heaved at the thought.
  10. Research the states that have over the counter tags. I'd also include mule deer in that search. Elk hunting is tough (from the research I've done) and if you come across some mule deer (likely) it would be good to have a tag. I would think Colorado is tops for that hunt.
  11. As already said ya gotta add water.
  12. Honestly no idea. But I don't think they are carrying a lot of pistol mags. Maybe 4 or 5 at the most. It's a guess on my part.
  13. Gotta remember they gotta carry this ammo. A .308 round is 3 times heavier then a .223 round and also longer. Not sure how many rounds a basic military kit holds. 30 mags of 30 rounds? Not sure. Adding 20lbs to an already heavy kit would suck.
  14. Couple friends of mine are season Tix holders out in Pittsburgh. Born and raised there. Big time fans. They say he's always been a player that looked down on the lesser players. Would skip practices etc. Coach Tomlin would let it slide. Said that once big Ben started throwing the ball to JuJu more than AB that's when certain asses started getting chapped. I'm sure theirs a player like that on just about every team. How big is another question. Lol