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  1. Philly is bad. There's parts that cops just don't go to. And if they do go they take 2-4 cars. 2 cops in each car. Afghanistan is safer then some parts of west and or north Philly.
  2. Artie Lang
  3. How old is the brother? Does he attnd school? Job? Maybe the school can offer some guidance. Or the job may some information.
  4. They manned up when they signed the dotted line but you know that. I'm not comparing Pete to a Veteran. Their is no comparison. You know that. I was referring to how society doesn't give a **** about one group of individuals but show all this fake compassion bull**** for a person who hasn't done one thing to show bravery and/or respect to anyone. if he respected his mother he wouldn't be doing what he's doing. Him bashing a veteran on SNL showed his true colors. The veterans fought for him(and you and I) to voice his opinion and he let it be known. He only apologized because his boss told him too. Everyone was affected by 9/11. Everyone.
  5. Did I say that? What sacrifice did Pete make?
  6. It's called life. We've all lost people we love. Man up. Grow up. He's an example of someone who's been coddled and has never earned a paycheck. Everything has been handled to him because of his father's death. Tragic yes but grow the fk up. I feel bad for his mom. If he's gonna run his mouth about not wanting to be here then shut the fk up and get on with it. He's slowly killing his mom by his actions. Dragging her, friends and family down with him. He is the epitome of what's wrong with society. This moron will have hundreds of morons coddling him while dozens of military vets are taking their lives daily. We are fooked as a society.
  7. Didn't read it all. Not going too. Just pure unhinged insanity.
  8. Funny AND true. Lol
  9. Barrett 50cal.
  10. Someone will be along shortly to say you are racist. Lol.
  11. It really is that simple. For people on here to say their isn't a crime. Huh? Whether you are in u.s., Mexico, Bolivia, are responsible for your children. Illegal entry, child endangerment, etc....just kill the mtrfkr. Eye for an eye. The father killed his kid regardless of his long term intentions.
  12. That's gonna trigger some Dems/libs on here. Bigly. Lol. Nice collection.
  13. Nope. All good in defending yourself. Now if you keep stomping once they are down...then yeah it can be bad for the winner. Lol. Just had this conversation with one of my boys. Lol
  14. I applied for 3 more handgun permits(to purchase) last Thursday. One of my references got his letter on Monday. I'll keep updated on status. Nick
  15. Affectionately known as a snail trail. The smart girls have you lay a $20 bill(folded long ways) on your face and they "pick it up". LOL