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  1. Mayor in philly has already done it. Says the looters are exercising their freedoms but when a group of guys decided to exercise their 2A freedoms and protect themselves and their place of business he called them vigilantes. Can't make it up.
  2. Nothing wrong with more people learning, using in a safe manner, respecting , and having safe fun with firearms. Hunting, recreational shooting, competitive shooting, etc is literally one of the safest sport activities you can do based on number of participants versus number of injuries. Have FUN!
  3. 2 months in buckets produces a few baseball size and then a dozen or so that can be marble size to bigger than a golf ball. Bigger ones get put as a side with a grilled steak. Smaller ones get diced. Tossed in some olive oil and whatever spices you like. Thrown on a baking sheet and roasted(add chopped onion if you like onion). Also go well with steak or some eggs the next morning.
  4. Take that 13%. Remove the percent of children and then compare that number to shootings, murders, and gun crimes... Go ahead, Run along.... But it's a cop problem.....
  5. T Rex rat trap. SNAP!
  6. Blacks are 100% okay with killing each other. Stats prove it. In Trenton yesterday in broad daylight 2 guys gunned down another guy. Killed him. 530pm. Dinner time. Barely made the news. Just another day in downtown Trenton.
  7. Had the news channel on at dinner tonight. Even my 15 y/o son about choked on his dinner when he heard that. He asked a protestor is not a looter but a person protecting his house is a vigilante? I said according to philly mayor . Yep!
  8. I grew cayenne and Thai in pots last year. They gave me peppers into late fall. Again this summer I'm growing cayenne, Thai, and Serrano's all in pots.
  9. Ya beat me too it. They are obsessed with his tweets They are obsessed with where he was Friday night They are obsessed with him going for a walk to a church. They are obsessed with his statements. Imagine if those libs could channel that energy into something positive for the people they allegedly care about??
  10. If it prevents those savages from terrorizing innocent people. Yep. There are people in those towns right NOW scared to death. Cowering in their homes praying the looters don't come to their house. That they don't set their house on fire. The innocent people know the cops can't get their in time. The savages know this as well. If they get crushed, shot, cut in half, bleed out, burned alive... I don't care. I care and pray for the innocent ones. The looters/savages can die a slow death. And If it's on video for a guy like me to watch. Hold on.. let me get my popcorn.
  11. Yep. Owner put one right in his face. Pop! Lol Good shoot.
  12. M1 carbine. Nice. Lol.
  13. Good shoot
  14. By definition they certainly are. Not even debatable.