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  1. Correct.
  2. "wailing".... LOL. Yeah okay. Then why do YOU think it's not getting the normal amount of media coverage? Why aren't politician's down there at that building demanding stricter gun laws?
  3. Sad to say but in a lot of these mass shootings the bad guy doesn't get shot at for awhile. This guy took fire almost immediately. That probably changed his plan big time. Hence why this story, the pics, and the video aren't being played. It's text book on how you confront, destroy and incapacitate your enemy.
  4. There is video out there with view from above. Maybe someone from an apartment. When he's in front of the entrance door and firing he does flinch pretty good. He then runs back to a vehicle and falls down behind it. Not sure if he took lead at the door or someone hit him when he was running. Either way I'm glad he's in a cold box.
  5. OMG. LOL. That was great. Was hoping his head would pop like a grape. Lol
  6. Congrats on the tag. See if the wife or daughter even want the tag. If they want to go to Maine? Can't help with an outfitter as I have never been there. I have heard moose meat is prime so if your freezer over flows.... Helloooww! Lol
  7. It's fun. Gotta pick the right crew to go with.
  8. My boys picked the first cherry tomatoes yesterday. Only a couple but they loved em. Lol. I'd say plants are still behind schedule. By a couple weeks. Cold wet ground hasn't helped. My Cayenne peppers in pots on the deck have done really well. Each plant has 5-8 peppers per plant. Maybe because the soil can warm up faster then the ones in the ground? Got 4 pots that I put golden potatoes in. Been about 9-10 weeks. My boys wanna dump one to see what we got. We'll see. Probably do it later today or tomorrow.
  9. Deer will eat it as well.
  10. Positive thoughts
  11. Why would Trump mention the domestic abuse in his tweet?
  12. A great example on how you take on an active shooter. Maximum effort Superior firepower Extreme violence towards evil. Win win.
  13. Soo.... because a man wants to keep his private life private. Something that happened almost a decade ago. His kids side with him and not the wife. The man chose his family over a job and you wanna insult him, belittle him, insinuate he's a bad man. Lol Stay classy.
  14. Not by him. No charges. But go ahead and fling that **** at the wall.
  15. Happened yesterday. No one is talking about it. Why not? Because he didn't succeed in harming innocent people with his evil black rifle? Because the police officers did an outstanding job? It doesn't fit the Dem/lib agenda? Kudos to Dallas law enforcement. Good job ladies and gents. Job well done.