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  1. Happy belated birthday!
  2. Very nice. I've got a Browning Buckmark as well. Similar to yours except full bull barrel and a full length rail. It likes CCI mini mags.
  3. The AR platform isn't ideal beyond 400 yards. Lots of moving parts in the gun. Throw in fatigue, being shot at, and weather factors , so not many guns are good beyond 400 yards. As for the 5.56 round it's definitely not ideal at 400 + yards. The bullet only weighs 55-70 grains. I gotta imagine the energy level is low (below 1k lbs). That's a guess on my part. That's where these bullets weighing 140-180 gr excell. They travel as fast if not faster then the 5.56. Also a big difference in mass produced ammo versus custom handloaded target loads using match grade components.
  4. I usually say something to this effect.....
  5. Bastard! That bear is 5'5"... . I'm 5'6" and 3/8s!!
  6. He plays wide receiver mostly so no he hasn't. Lol. He's running1-3 miles couple times a week with his older brother who likes to run. Get his cardio up. He's a freshman this fall. Him being there and seeing the upper class men has him motivated. Agree in the early 90s it definitely started mid August. For him it actually started this week. July is weight training for an 1 1/2 hour then a practice without pads. I don't think they suit up until first or 2 week of August. I'd have to check the calendar. These practices are optional but he wants to do it so my wife and I will do our best to get him there. Couple other players parents are helping with pickups and drop offs.
  7. Was gonna do steaks on the grill tomorrow but CEO aka wife has informed me that there will storms so she made reservations at a steak house for 6pm tomorrow. Pool and grilling on Sunday. Adult drinks and sexual harassment. Probably more of the same on Monday. Monday night we may be without kids. Both have plans with friends for fireworks. Not sure how the wife will take it. Lol. Tuesday I'm the Uber driver for my son and 3 of his friends...pick them up drop off at high school for the start of football season. They do weight training then a practice. Think it's 8am-12pm.
  8. It's good. Watched an episode this morning and another this afternoon. I'll continue watching.
  9. Hit the range this morning with my older son. Toys today were Springfield Ronin in 45 Glock 19 Glock 44( .22 cal). Distance was 7-15 yards. This was one of three targets. I put a mag out of the 1911 into the head (all mine were centered!). Lol. My son then sent 2 mags full also at the head. Not bad for his first time shooting a 1911.
  10. Just got home from son's baseball game(they won!). Will watch on DVR shortly.
  11. Lego's for men! I've built 5. Still have 3. It's fun
  12. If you paid 23 for that....go back and buy them all. Lol. Nice score. Here in Jersey that bottle is $90-150.
  13. Good shoot
  14. Yep. Saw this on 2 different networks. No mention of race. No mention of bias, no mention of hate crime. And the snowflakes wonder why the applicants for LTC have quadrupled In the last year or so. Good job Dems. Good job libs.