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  1. The feds closed pout along with wolfish, windowpane flounder, and wreckfish. Don't go posting pout reports, keep it on the down low.
  2. They do it because most people who win give them something extra. If nobody ever did, there wouldn't be pools on partyboats. The mates wouldn't bother collecting for it or weighing people's fish if they knew they'd never get anything out of it.
  3. Why should the mates bother to collect for a pool and weigh the fish if its not to their benefit? I've been on boats where the captain announces that it is customary for the pool winner to take good care of the mates. Ever wonder why some guys get the best baits and have rods put up for them to reserve spots? They give the mates a good chunk of the pool or sometimes the entire thing when they win.
  4. MMMM...Rosefish Also, regarding the biologist who thought streamer bass were rare, he or she probably agreed with the sea bass closure Those people need to get out from behind their desks and spend some time on the water
  5. Just as I feared. What happened in the movie Idiocracy is really happening. Did the Fuddruckers change their name to Butt****ers yet?
  6. Save the goofy, make-shift sinkers for private boat fishing, that crap won't make your fellow anglers on a headboat too happy after the tenth tangle or so.
  7. Just my humble opinion, if you're not willing to hand crank these fish, then just leave them alone and fish for something else.
  8. Careful out there, although that jetty is usually safe the tides have been extra high, flooding into some of the streets the last few days and the easterly breeze doesn't help.
  9. Crankbaits on top and bottom rigs. Jig and pig with weedguard and a spinner ahead of it. Teasers for trolling salmon on sea bass rigs. Any type of wire spreader rig, especially the circa 1940 rigs. Rigs tied directly into braid, no mono at all. Trying to use trout rods in 70' of water.
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