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  1. I have not casted the 4 piece but i have the 8’ 10” 2 piece 10wt and it is an awesome rod. i believe its a bit stiffer than the two piece version and id recommended it to anyone who doesn’t mind a two piece. The 8’4” 8wt is also a great stick, one of my favorites ive ever owned.
  2. Looking for some input from anyone with inshore boating experience. Im looking into getting something in the 14-16 foot range to fish mainly in the bays and harbors of the cape cod/south shore MA area and don't plan on ever going further than a few hundred yards off shore. Id be trailering it and ideally would like something I don't need a f350 to tow. My knowledge on boats is pretty limited but just looking for some direction on where to start my search. Thanks, James
  3. WTS this case. https://fishpondusa.com/collections/rod-reel-cases/products/thunderhead-rod-and-reel-case-2-piece-rods-fly-fishing It is a green color, not the color shown in this link. I can post pictures if someone is interested. It is brand new and never used. Asking $200. I am located in the Boston area. Pickup would be preferred but if buyer is willing to pay shipping i've got no problem sending it out.
  4. Sounds good. I should be able to get it out on wednesday when im off work. Ill PM you with payment info.
  5. So we are just totally disregarding the rules of the BST forum? "When more than one person accepts the original terms for an item, that item should be offered to the members in the order that they accepted your asking price. **"I'll take it" does not mean you automatically get the item - the seller can choose to continue their discussions/negotiations with ANYONE that posted BEFORE your I'll take it - but no one AFTER your "I'll take it"." I would say my response of "im in the boston area but would be happy to pay shipping if you not around here." constitutes accepting the original terms. It's been one day since you responded to my response asking for a PM with payment info, either follow the rules of the forum or don't utilize the BST section.
  6. where are you located? im in the boston area but would be happy to pay shipping if you not around here.
  7. bumping. price drop to $150
  8. Recently picked up a 8/9GLX mega 8’6” 3 piece. Its a sick rod and im wondering if a 9/10 model was ever made? Having a hard time finding info online about the series. If anyone knows which models were made originally id love to know as id likely try to track down a 9/10 model if it exists.
  9. i cant speak for the 10/11 gl3 mega but my 8/9 glx mega is barely heavier than my 848 scott sector which is a very light rod by any standard.
  10. yea im not finding anything online. i snagged the 8/9 mega on the trident fly site used section. may post a WTB thread and try my luck
  11. hmm a 6/7 of that rod could be a killer bass rod
  12. I have a two piece Gloomis RXF 8 wt blank if your interested. Im not sure when that model came out but I don't think i'll ever get around to building it.
  13. I was looking into those boats they seem pretty sweet. I may be playing more of the long game on finding a decent deal on a lightly used one. was planing on storing it at the parents house as I live in the city but they are now moving far out of the way so im not in much of a rush at the moment
  14. This rod is awesome! I recently got one used from bears den (sorry to break the news if thats the one you had your eyes on) but if not you should definitely give it a cast.
  15. great advice thanks
  16. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue - with both my CCF X2 and my NV-G, the spool cap (the nut that you tighten the spool to the frame with) keeps getting very stuck on and takes some serious effort/use of pliers to twist it off. I have not had this issue with any other reel so I know I am not cranking it down too tight. It just seems to happen after not getting turned for a few days. Any one else experience this/have an easy solution?
  17. I have a G Loomis NRX 9' 10wt in excellent condition that I just don't use much anymore. I'd be asking $550 or a trade for either a 8’4” 10 WT Scott Meridian, or 8’10” 2 piece 10WT Scott Meridian. I can post pictures if anyone is interested.
  18. its the old one (not the NRX +) ill post pics in a few minutes
  19. yea ive seen some videos of them being chummed up as well
  20. Been looking into making a trip down to South Carolina to fish for amberjacks and am wondering if anyone has any experience with any specific guides down there? Thanks, James