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  1. I think I missed out on his. Night Ranger is Action: Medium Heavy/Fast Length: 7′ Line Weight (lbs): 15-30lb Lure Weight (oz): 1-4oz Pieces: 1 Weight (oz): 5.4oz
  2. Does anyone have an orange nexus they’re looking to part with?? I can buy outright or trade a black nexus for it. Any one on here looking to trade a night ranger, I picked up a casting night ranger caster but I would have a lot more use for it as a spinning rod.
  3. Yea I wouldn't cast anything more than 1 maybe 1.25oz max. I was more so asking about peoples experience dropping 1-2oz off a boat or yak to bounce along the bottom
  4. Awesome, I use a 9’6 airwave elite as my surf rod. This carbon shield sounds promising and feels nice but I haven’t seen much buzz around it for bouncing bucktails on boats
  5. I got a M 7’6 carbon shield rated 1/8 - 3/4 for Christmas. Plan to use it for tossing jigs in the surf for fluke and maybe some lighter bay schoolies. Anyone have experience with light Bucktails up to 1.5 oz on boats with the rod?
  6. Ill take this
  7. Got a carbon shield II 7’6 M, hoping to have it double as a surf fluke rod, lighter bay fluking earlier in the season, and smaller lures in the back. Ive heard decent feed back about using it in the surf and tossing lures, any feedback on using it to bounce 3/4-2oz in shallower water for fluke?
  8. Hey so I was able to reach out to a cousins of mine up in norther jersey who’s willing to meet up in Keyport this this Saturday. 115 cash LMK if that works for you
  9. All good. Shoot me a message if you happen to be up in NY for any reason and still have the rod available. Happy holidays.
  10. I don’t. I’m not trying to low ball or be a smart ass, just looking for a new rod my man. 140?
  11. Can we do 130, 115 for the rod + 15 for shipping
  12. Hey precise is this still available? Are you ever on the NY side of the bridge?
  13. Are you ever in NY, Queens/Nassau county. If so I'll take the avid
  14. Hey can we do 115 for the 3000.