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  1. Hey guys, Quick report of our last fishing trip in Canaria Islands. Land of Giants, this place is out of range for targetting big tunas. One of the only place around the world where you can find bluefin, yellowfin, big eyes and white tuna. On that video i was using AB1 fishing rod 130LB, Shimano Tiagra 80LB with braid 140LB and 350LB terminal leader. Circle hook. Black magic fishing belt, that was not set up in a perfect position. Should have been lower ... Did not have time to get ready! This big BFT attack on the first drop of the bait in the water! What you guys are using as set up for the big bft ??? Did you guys try to rig your baits catalina, same as for marlin ??? I saw a lot's of anglers ringing straight the mackerel directly with the hook. I personally think, it s not swimming better when doing catalina. What do you think ??? If you have few baits ... Catalina also enable to keep them alive longer. Will do my best to keep posting videos on 2022! Wishing a good day to all the anglers! Tight lines! *
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