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  1. Big thank you for the info regards grease and oil scoobydoo.... It was really helpful!!!! Would you kindly tell me how much tungsten disulphide to add with the grease ? I am hoping to mix some tungsten disulphide in with the grease next time I service my reels... Thanks again and kind regards.
  2. Hello all, I hope you are all well and happy. After a long period of time I am getting back into my tournament casting, I am in the market for a new up to date rod (probably Zziplex or Century blank ) and wondered are there any distance advantages to be had choosing a Glass tipped rod over a Carbon tipped rod ? Thanks for your input..
  3. A huge thank you to every one who has added to this debate, special thanks to scooby who was the inspiration of this post.... My only real or reel experience has been with "Quantum Hot Sauce" and strangely it has not been mentioned this time. I have used it with good results on my Daiwa Certate's, but I guess times move on to newer / better grease. I have been given plenty of food for thought and lots of options to try out on my larger reels. Big thank you again!
  4. Hi guys I am new to this ... so please forgive me if I make mistakes. I am searching to find the best grease for the gears in a fixed spool reel ! I was reading scooby's post ... "2017 has proven to be the year of the lube for me Krytox 227 krytox 225 Tungsten disulfide Corrosion x grease Daiwa grease Tossed royal purple in the trash" Is that still the case? and why are there two grades of Krytox ? Thanks for your help!!!!