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  1. it arrived today and it is a great looking reel.
  2. I use the Ish Monroe frogs.
  3. Wanted to give you guys an update. Allen had a huge sale so I purchased an Atlas 2. It was $40 more than I wanted to spend, but I just couldn't pass up $330 reel for $190. Thank you guys for all of your suggestions.
  4. Thanks for thw warning guys!
  5. What are peoples opinions on Sixgill? They seem to always have sales and BOGO offers.
  6. I have been checking in on that on a daily basis.
  7. Steve, I think my girlfriend and I fished with you on the Farmington March 2018. I was still on the fence about fly fishing then and had absolutely no clue as to what I was doing. We smoked cigars if I remember corrector.
  8. Hi Steve, You're friends with Cynthia Harkenss right?
  9. Lots of options out there. I would like to cap the price at $150 or so and really don't need anything fancy to start out. I'm going to look online and see whats on sale this weekend.
  10. After getting my first stripers on the fly I have become hooked on fly fishing. St Croix had a close out so I picked up a 5 wt for fresh water now I need a reel to match. I'm in central MA so I'll probably be fishing lakes and rivers around here (suggestions welcome). What are the reels people like around here ?
  11. Thanks for info
  12. Here are the combos that I am looking at what do you guys think? Shimano SLX151HG/SLXC70MH SLX Casting Combo - 7 ft. MH 1/4-3/4 $129 Abu Garcia Revo SX/Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris CarbonLite 2.0 Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo Medium/Heavy 7' 3/8-1 $159 Abu Garcia Revo SX/Vendetta Casting Rod and Reel Combo 7' MH 1/4-1 $199
  13. My bad will just post the rid/reel combos
  14. Already went with the cheap line that Afterhours posted. Sorry
  15. What do y'all think of these combos? *