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  1. sleepy joe is terrible but stop with the nonsense that Trump had a good response to corona guy has been wrong on just about every single thing since day one when he said it is not a threat thanked the chinese for their transparency and said america would not be impacted by the virus
  2. I personally don't want to see anybody die if you are cool with that that is on you.
  3. lets us also remember how many times Trump and kudlow said "stocks look good" "now is the time to buy"
  4. our leaders have told us for months not to worry the virus is not a threat and because of that people did not take the proper precautions. Our same leaders said hey dont worry no need to cover your face with a mask or a mask like item only to two months later say um you need a mask and in some states it is mandatory to have the when you go in stores etc...
  5. did I say the word intelligent? The majority of this country has a low iq lacks education and is stupid to be kind. There are many folks that sadly rely on our leaders for guidance in times of trouble
  6. Trump has been wrong on the virus every freaking step of the way and has said some of the dumbest things a president has ever said -the problem is some supporters defend everything he does and buys in to the total nonsense which is why he gets away with it and continues to do it. I voted for the guy(as I have said at nauseum) -he has done some good things and was a better option than Hilary in my eyes. Trump said the virus is fully contained and is not a threat and that nobody should worry-he said it for two months and even the travel ban he brags about only applied to non usa citizens -we allowed thousands of sick people to return to this country(yes obama allowed folks with ebola back which was just as stupid) the fact that he said the virus is not a threat to our health and our economy and then 50,000 people have died while our economy has been destroyed is bigly sad. One could say the dems would have done just as bad in office maybe so maybe worse but how in gods name he is getting a pass for something he said was not a threat for two months is insane then to make it worse he said he always knew it was going to be a pandemic way before anybody else was thinking it Every day he says something worse and that puts folks in danger and no worries .....
  7. once again the gov is looking to hand out free money to some Americans-I put in bold some of the most insane parts of this and a few of my comments as well. Now lets be clear I am for helping out folks that are hurting but those that actually paid into the system -how do these folks come up with the below criteria and what say you and guess deficits dont matter again right? now I do understand some of things I said people should do cant do because is too late as it is not done based on current/future stuff but none the less I am not sure which ones are the most insane as put in bold lots but I think my favorites are 1-16 year old kids getting up to 24 grand-kids be buying coke whores and lots of high end tv and video gaming systems with the extra funds-same kids that wont work at a fast food joint or do landscaping or other hard work. 2-no home no bank account no job no problem man-free pre paid credit cards for u 3-poor single dude making 130k(yes that is not a bad salary )but on top of not being able to secure yourself a wife and some p-ssy that fact will cost about 48 grand-you would be better off asking your boss for a pay cut for the year to bring you under the 130 k mark so you can get that 24 grand tax free money The Emergency Money for the People Act expands relief to more Americans and includes a $2,000 monthly payment to every qualifying American over the age of 16 for up to 12 months. It also fixes a bug in the CARES Act to ensure college students and adults with disabilities can still receive the payments even if claimed as a dependent. The Emergency Money for the People Act additionally recognizes that not everyone has a bank or a home address to receive a check – so it allows individuals to get this money through direct deposit, check, pre-paid debit card, or mobile money platforms such as Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. “A one-time, twelve-hundred-dollar check isn’t going to cut it,” said Rep. Ro Khanna. “Americans need sustained cash infusions for the duration of this crisis in order to come out on the other side alive, healthy, and ready to get back to work. Members on both sides of the aisle are finally coming together around the idea of sending money out to people. Rep. Ryan and I are urging leadership to include this bill in the fourth COVID relief package to truly support the American working class.”-seems like most of it is going to the no working class. “The economic impact of this virus is unprecedented for our country. As millions of Americans file for unemployment week over week, we have to work quickly to patch the dam – and that means putting cash in the hands of hard-working families,” said Congressman Tim Ryan. “Many Ohioans are just receiving – or about to receive – the first cash payment we passed in the CARES Act. Now it’s time for Congress to get to work on the next step to provide relief for those who have been hardest hit in this pandemic.” Under the Emergency Money for the People Act, monthly cash assistance payments would be guaranteed for at least six months and would renew for another six months unless the employment-to-population ratio for people ages 16 and older returns to the pre-covid crisis employment level of 60%. These payments would not count as income in order to protect eligibility for any of the income-based state or federal government assistance programs. Eligibility: Every American age 16 and older making less than $130,000 annually would receive at least $2,000 per month.-so some 16 year old kid could be handed up to 24 grand-nice haul there for kids who probably sit and around and play video games all day Married couples earning less than $260,000 would receive at least $4,000 per month.-hey single guy making over 130 k-run out and get yourself a wife as you can grab 48 grand. Qualifying families with children will receive an additional $500 per child – families will receive funds for up to three children.-getting paid to have kids... For example, a married couple making under $260K with 3 kids would receive $5,500 per month.-hey single guy making 131 k u are getting nothing instead even though your taxes are paying for it Those who had no earnings, were unemployed, or are currently unemployed would also be eligible.-this is my favorite one-dont worry about getting a job just sit back and let the free money roll in Those who were not eligible in 2019 or 2018 but would be eligible in 2020, could submit at least two consecutive months of paychecks to verify income eligibility. The Emergency Money for the People Act also expands the program to millions more Americans who were excluded from the CARES cash rebates – such as college students and adults with disabilities who are still claimed as a dependent. The individual will receive the payment and their parent or guardian will receive the dependent credit. Reps. Khanna and Ryan proposed the first cash infusion plan a month ago, which the Administration and Senate Republicans embraced, and was passed into law with the CARES Act.
  8. why do the rules and guidelines never get followed by the folks that promote them?-next I suspect we will hear about some golf soon -reminds me of fat boy C Christie shutting down the state parks and then going himself stay at home orders apply to us-no fishing for u in state parks-no traveling to secondary homes-no leaving the state I guess in Chris Christie form-have your dad become president and can do what ever you want as well Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter and a senior White House adviser, has positioned herself as one of the leaders of the administration’s economic relief efforts and one of its most vocal advocates of social distancing. “Those lucky enough to be in a position to stay at home, please, please do so,” Ivanka Trump said in a video she posted online, encouraging Americans to follow federal guidelines about social distancing, which suggests that people stay at least 6 feet apart. “Each and every one of us plays a role in slowing the spread.” But Trump herself has not followed the federal guidelines advising against discretionary travel, leaving Washington for another one of her family’s homes, even as she has publicly thanked people for self-quarantining. And effective April 1, the city of Washington issued a stay-at-home order for all residents unless they are performing essential activities. Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, who is also a senior White House adviser, traveled with their three children to the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey to celebrate the first night of Passover this month, according to two people with knowledge of their travel plans, even as seders across the country were canceled and families gathered remotely over apps like Zoom.
  9. china is run essentially by a dictator that is so full of himself he banned winnie the pooh from the internet in china-they have zero transparency and everything is censored there so is anybody surprised they lied and will continue to lie about the virus? Trump has either lied or been wrong about the virus every step of the way going back to his we have this fully contained statement and there is no worry about a pandemic and the economy and stock market will be fine His performance has been abysmal during this. In his defense he has been given bad advice from folks like Jared and the CDC and the dems were in no hurry to address the issue either and would not have done things better . It is not a rep or a dem thing but a government thing which has failed us every step of the way. Every time when I read masks are required when now when you go out in public to stores makes my head explode-for two months we were told they dont help and can even hurt when any credible doctor wears masks and knows they work but hey these were the same folks that said hey enjoy that nice fresh air by the towers after 9/11 since it is totally safe. As far as the OP goes so we are using a lying dictator as a barometer for judging Trumps terrible performance?
  10. it is all about having a relationship with a bank-if you dont you are screwed
  11. no it does not -every crisis our country has had illustrates just how bad our government officials are doing at what they were elected to do. It is both parties as well. If one looks around at our elected officials one can understand just why everything is always such as mess. This covers both parties as well. I would not let Chuck and Nancy tie my shoes let alone do anything of real consequence . Here is NJ we are famous for electing the worst of the worst and just when you think the lowest of the low is replaced somebody worse shows up(Hello Governor Murphy) Murphy is doing his finest to cripple our state while at the same time removing any freedoms you previously had
  12. I can answer your question-loans are processed through the banks and you need to have a prior relationship with a particular bank to have any hope especially in the short term-you cant just stroll into a bank you have never done business with and think you are going to get this processed. The big problem is most of banks were not prepared for the volume of applicants and they themselves dont know how the loans are going to be funded and how long the process will take. As for individual payments I have no clue and I think they are near worthless-$1200 bucks wont even cover a months rent in a slum . The payments should have been MUCH larger and to everybody instead of focusing on bailouts for massive companies that dont pay taxes and ones where it wont help. You can throw billions to the cruise industry and if folks dont have money to pay rent or mortgages they are not going on a cruise.. The small business part of the bill I believe is excellent and can save lots of people their jobs and lots of business owners their business-just needs to be a way to get rid of the red tape and expedite the system.
  13. like everything else the roll out of obama care-the system cant handle the mass amounts of people trying to sign up
  14. that is an accurate statement -do I get credit for the good stuff too?
  15. thank god for ivanka ! Trump said yesterday she personally created 15 million jobs -some how she created double the number of jobs added during the entire Trump presidency and is responsible for over 10% of the entire labor force in the country