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  1. Conservatives are not pro choice Elon supports abortion show me a conservative that is pro choice in the rep party just one
  2. I just love the irony of conservative folks calling him a hero while his company funds what they say is murder - you may not hold it against him but if these folks believe what they say they do maybe not embrace the guy as a hero or is it okay to fund what they view as murder as long as he allows free speech on twitter?
  3. Elon’s company supports abortion the irony is deep that conservatives call him a hero
  4. Tesla began covering costs for its employees to receive out-of-state abortions in 2021. so Elon wants not just free speech but abortions funny when conservatives embraced a guy without knowing what he believes in
  5. I think Eli should do as he says-free speech platform and I hope nobody is banned and no censorship exist
  6. where did I state my opinion as fact. I clearly stated I believe and my opinion both of those clearly are not stated as fact but what I believe will happen
  7. the entire point is Eli said he does not want to be like twitter "was" he wants free speech so noting should be banned in his world that is within the law
  8. I agree but many social media remove "hate speech" also nudity
  9. It is my opinion he stated he wanted to establish a platform where free speech exists-he does not want to be "the same"
  10. where do you stand on hate speech which is protected by law?
  11. actually no it would not-I dont use twitter or any social media-I post here and on a daily fantasy sports site that I was asked to post on but i believe many that want "free speech" will be upset by it
  12. I dont believe anybody should be banned as long as their content is allowed by the law I thought it was a joke they banned trump and others . I think a user should have the right to decide what content they want to see/follow
  13. I believe he will have a user agreement or terms of usage that will ban content allowed by law
  14. yes but it has nothing to do with joe "his" economy-a person makes their own success through hard work
  15. elon is a smart dude so I am sure he will make twitter a bigger success-It will be interesting though when the site starts banning people and content that is legal by law-most talk about free speech but really dont want it when they see what it entails. I wonder how long until Elon bans the kid posting his flight logs which is legal for the kid to do lol