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  1. people dont care about morality in politics or their daily lives-it is so bad the church sold their souls standing by guys that believe greed and adultery are good.
  2. and now the hawks are dumping their best players because they cant afford them soon russ will take a page from the arod book and blame the coach and the gm for the team's bad performance when the root of the cause is they both had to take huge salaries when guys like brady work for peanuts and is MUCH better then they can ever dream of
  3. where is the outrage at saudi arabia -the folks that brought us 9/11-instead we do business deals with them , provide them arms and planes
  4. most were from our "ally" saudi arabia who we continue to give weapons to and engage in business dealings with.
  5. his father...
  6. in the past I had a sequoia with a hullavator worked great on my adventure but they are clearly not the same shape....
  7. they are not his ag or his deputy ag-justice is a separate branch of government -he should not be talking them about any investigation that relates to him. I also could care less about it though-
  8. will trump finally stop saying he did not think russia interfered with our election? the report and his ag clearly say they did-I also have seen no sign trump did anything wrong so he should stop with the nonsense that Russia did not try to change the results-it does not cheapen his victory
  9. they used their first round pick on a running back last year-two years before that a third round pick I would take Dak over him but it is close-their numbers are almost identical and he is younger with plenty of upside-if you are going to give wilson credit for winning give dak credit 32-16 as a starter and once they brought in cooper he looked great out there-now would Dak be one of the first qbs I would want no way but neither is wilson
  10. yes he is they were not on my list
  11. You did not mention God I mentioned him. If you believe in God(I think you do) God created all people-why did he create them this way? I think Judeo Christian principles were based on love thy neighbor and take care of those that cant take care of themselves and dont judge others unless you want to be judged as well. What if your son was a gay or your grandson was gay. Would you not want to be around them? I think in our society everybody should be treated equal and have no problem what two consenting adults do. I am not in favor of special rules for anybody. I am also not in favor or protecting those that have violated the sanctity of the church to preserve an image-aka the pedophiles that the church protected. Before you bring it up I do not view anything an adult does with a child male or female to be acceptable I will answer your question-we have a president that said if his daughter was not his daughter he might date her and I voted for him. We have a president that has committed numerous sins and I voted for him. I believe you did as well.
  12. why did god create these folks and please dont say it is a choice when you say most of them have mental issues -why did god do this to them? I believe people are born that way and most would not knowingly choose to have a trait that a great deal of society look down upon. What would you do if you had a family member that was gay? I bet your views would change like others as well when faced with the same situation. I personally could care less what two consenting adults do.
  13. I am not a wilson fan at all-I think he is one of the most over rated guys ever and his team won due to defense-yes I would take Cam over Wislon and I would take Dak over him but it is close. There is no way in hell he deserves to be the highest paid qb in the league-notice cousins was not on the list I would take any of the guys on the list over wilson if my window was three years or less which is years in the NFL-give me brady brees rivers and ben over him and day of the week and twice on Tuesday-Wislon QBR was near 60 which is out of the top ten in the league last year. if you want to talk young guys I would MUCH rather have Mahomes or Baker or Geoff
  14. there is nothing reasonable about his contract he makes over twice what brady makes a year -that is right brady the best qb of all time-brady guy that just won another ring- wilson is barey a top 15 qb in my eyess -see list above for guys I would rather have
  15. looks like a tsumami before the tide comes roaring back in