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  1. make sure you account for water drainage when you do the wall.
  2. I am in Wayne NJ thanks
  3. hi there , I know this is diy but if by chance there is anybody here in Northern NJ that is a plumber or bathroom reno guy, I cracked my tub and need it take out and a new one put in-would also need to replace the tiles around the tub that cant be saved during tub removal. The rest of the bathroom is fairly new so dont need or want a full remodel. thanks very much
  4. two year investigation started by all reps
  5. this investigation was started under Trump's AG not a dem hit job will be funny if both of trumps personal lawyers go to jail
  6. I think he was guilty dude had tons of complaints on his conduct most cops are good this one not so much I wish the folks that are just talking about this case would use their energy fighting the innner city crime that goes on daily with lots of folks killing each other
  7. you can close the thread I think I have the info I need now I just have to figure out my game plan -once again thanks everybody
  8. no electric connection. pretty sure a money grab
  9. thanks all the replied here and via pm-pretty much consensus is it is a money grab which bothers me on a personal level more than the cost of the repair. I am going to tread lightly as I already have my slip from them for the season and dont want to have a big issue where I am moving my boat. once again I appreciate all of your response-happy boating.
  10. ok jets go sign d watson at qb and use the draft picks to give him some weapons
  11. I may go look at it-I feel ****** questioning it but at the same time dont like to be a sucker lol
  12. hmm that is my fear-it is in a marina in its own slip but there boats to the right and left and behind in their slips... I would say most times I raise the engine. It is not a huge bill like $300 but I feel like I am being suckered as I just did it last year
  13. yes and it was done last year same with anodes and boat is always in FW I thought it was stainless will have to check it is merc from 2015
  14. shameful our elected officials always do as I say not as I do-maybe her and lying ted can hit up marthas vineyard this summer
  15. yes in fresh water in summer then stored for winter I have a greater chance of flying myself to mars in a space ship I make then doing any work on a boat lol just feel like I am getting suckered like with a car when they say your filter is dirty ....