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  1. I honestly dont know one person that likes the bern.....his views are crazy and even though he tries to portray himself as a man of the people he is not-this is a trick members from both parties have been able to do-convince very stupid people that dont have money that some how they are the same and share the same interests
  2. I think both of them are proven liars I am glad we will see trumps tax returns as it will confirm who his creditors are-it would put an end to the fake news both ways-very simple either he borrowed money from Russia which he said he didnt or he did not and in that case he would be vindicated
  3. but yet once the child is born he votes against every single program to help the child-would be best if the life matter after birth too
  4. trump is the poster boy for likes to give it out but cant take it-he is so soft and childish when it comes to this type of stuff. SNL has made fun of presidents for years there were some brutal ones on the bushes and on slick willy Trump has a great agenda but man dude needs to get tougher skin.
  5. it depends on your location and your home-if you are in good location and price it right you can do it yourself but many times realtors do have clients ready to buy and can speed up the process some
  6. I am no defending anybody voting for him-he is terrible but his opponent was too lol NJ cant find a good rep or a good dem so we go back and forth bad dem bad rep bad dem.....
  7. +1 I hope some bought extra or will be trading
  8. could not make surf day but would love to pick up some fixters if you have a few extra please post pics and prices thanks
  9. NJ since I was a young kid has had the worst of the worst run the state no matter the party the result is the same complete corruption and total incompetence. I knew from day I heard/saw Murphy I knew he would be terrible but he might be the worst NJ has ever had-he loves to say how NJ has no money and needs to reign in spending them he hands out money like it is growing on trees. he just signed a bill to give 100 million dollars to horse owners to try and prop up the horse racing industry-I can assure the gov horse racing does not warrant taxpayer dollars and as a degenerate gamble that loves sports betting and daily sports(I entered the rising stars contest tonight for the NBA all stars game) horse racing has zero appeal to anybody these days. the action is sports betting and daily sports he needs to just go to the fanduel sports book to see this. Will NJ ever get it right and bring a guy that will actually reign in spending and be a "fiscal conservative"?
  10. what I dont support is those that change their views based on who is office-you either believe in something or you dont. This goes for both parties
  11. I have said for about two months it is within his power and he should use it I do question why he waited two years to deal with this emergency though-an emergency requires quick action in reality he should have done this two years ago which I would have supported then as well
  12. my position was clear you quoted it.....
  13. mike pence previous views Issues of this magnitude should always be resolved with the consent of the governed,” Pence said. “Signing an executive order, giving a speech, barnstorming around the country defending that executive order is not leadership.” “I would implore the president to reconsider this path and to demonstrate the kind of leadership that the American people long to see.
  14. they are not but what is consistent is going around congress to get what you want in the big picture that part is the same I support the use of it for Trump. I just wish people were consistent in their views no matter who is office
  15. I spend as much time as I can with my parents. I invite them on my boat to my house to dinner. The days in life seem long but the years go fast. I take my father to football games -he took me since I was three and then about ten years ago I started taking him. Sadly we have spend over 45 years going to watch a garbage team play ball