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  1. from yesterday - Musk admitted that a long-term advertising boycott was “going to kill the company.”
  2. Elon is sending twitter aka X (dumb name change) to bankruptcy... he does not seem to understand that those that advertise pay him a fee and are free to advertise more , less or not at all. It is their choice how to spend their money.
  3. Who knew josh aka the running man had common sense Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) broke with House Republican leaders Tuesday and expressed support for letting Hunter Biden testify in a public hearing rather than behind closed doors in a deposition before the investigating House committee. “My view is that the American people have a right to see, and also, you know, they should evaluate this for themselves,” Hawley said in an interview with Fox Business correspondent Hillary Vaughn. “I mean, if you do this stuff in private, what happens is there’s inevitably bunches of leaks and then it’s, you know, ‘Well, so-and-so said this,’ and ‘so-and-so said that.’ It’s like, just do it in public, and let the public see,” Hawley added. “Open the doors so you all could report on it.”
  4. Better to be Jared - manage 2 billion earning massive fees even though never managed funds before or have Qatar bail out your 666 project for a cool billion
  5. Sorry but that is nonsense- for months they have been talking about Hunter being corrupt and all this proof they have and how they want him to testify- now they need to get their ducks in a row ? I can’t believe Hunter is even willing to testify let alone in public . Comer should be beyond thrilled in this development but instead he is being weak and a coward . There have been plenty of public hearings before congress on more important issues than Hunter . I would love to see Hunter held accountable for any illegal activities that he may have committed
  6. you said you do private first because you want the deposition on record-my contention is a public testimony would be on the record there is zero reason to have a private deposition-the incentive to have it public is there is no hiding from the public, no re writing history... Full transparency in my opinion calls for a public testimony. Comer has been handed what he has been crying about for months Hunter under oath but even better for him Hunter is willing to not hide behind closed doors...
  7. answer my question how is public testimony not on the record?
  8. public testimony would not be on the record? lol
  9. imagine wanting to expose a person and being given the chance to do just that -in the open for the world to see then saying no thanks....
  10. I think Comer has the opportunity of a lifetime to ask Hunter every single question he wants for the world to see-he should ask him the same questions you asked just now. Why the hell would he not want to do that? I personally think Hunter is trash
  11. they are scared to have the public once again see their incompetence on display ....
  12. the reps can ask him that for the world to see-to embarrass him and expose him but nope they are cowards and scared and refuse to allow his testimony to be public
  13. imagine being so scared to want to hide the testimoy from the public -what happened to the call for transparency....
  14. reps have the option to ask hunter that in public for the world to see but the reps dont want it public.... they should be THRILLED to have it in public-hunter is a shady dude he should be easy to trip up if they have 1/10 of what they portray to have on him
  15. reps hunter is hiding and wont testify hunter ok I will testify let the world see it reps-no we dont want everybody to see -only us.... total clown show.
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